See here and here for videos of some of my previous campaigns.

Clare’s Campaigns Statement: Students across London need a strong and dynamic campaigning union to defend themselves against the savage cuts in education and across public services threatened under Labour and Conservatives.

It’s obscene that students and those relying on social services and working hardest are being made to pay for the bankers’ greed. Higher education will suffer cuts of £449m because of the crisis. ULU must be at the heart of a London-wide movement which uses the strengths, talents and experience of all students in the city in the fight for adequate funding.

A real union is more than gym membership. ULU’s excellent facilities will be a hub of activity, accessible to every student. From two years’ experience as SOAS Finance and Communications sabbatical, I know students feel part of the union most when it is active, effective and visible.

The ULU President must project student voices to the outside world and campaigns work. We occupied our colleges when Israel invaded Gaza last year, killing more than 1,300 people. Thousands protested against wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot let Islamophobia bolster the Nazi BNP.

Climate protests have made governments across the globe take notice. Miss University is not returning to our campuses because we protested. I have been active in all these campaigns.

London is expensive. SOAS Justice for Cleaners campaign delivered the London living wage for SOAS staff and helped launch successful campaigns across London. I will continue to fight for a London Living Wage for all staff and students.
ULU provides a number of services to students of the UoL including clubs and societies, activities and, in a commercial capacity, a swimming pool and gym.

The commercialisation of the pool and gym disproprotionately affects disabled students within the University whose income, on average, is lower than abled bodied students whose and is likely to be diverted to other needs to dealing with their illhealth or their disability.

Disabled students would greatly benefit from the health benefits of the pool and gym. ULU must consider introducing a serious program of discounted benefits to these facilities ensuring that all disabled students can use the pool or gym at a reasonable rate. .


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