Posted by: Clare Solomon | June 15, 2011

Who’s going to Glastonbury? Wanna meet?

I am speaking at the debate entitled: Power in a Union at 1.30pm in Leftfields. It would be great to have  your support and input to this debate.  If you are around let’s meet for a coffee at 12.30 at the Chill ‘n’ Charge Central and charge our phones at the same time!
There are a number of us going (Laurie Penny, Aaron Peters, Guy Aitchison and others) to glasto 2011 and will periodically arrange to meet up so follow me on facebook and twitter for other updates as to where we might be meeting.
Here’s The Official Glastonbury App which will helps us to locate each other.
It has a snazzy little function that does THIS:  [Among others] I’m going to catch Plan B, Beyoncé, Pump Up The Volume, Twin Tango and Shazia Mirza. Tell your mates who you are watching with the Official Glastonbury Festival app from Orange.
Anyway, see you there-don’t forget your wellies 🙂

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