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Tony & Melissa Benn Coalition of Resistance Meeting | 24 October

At this time of Government cuts, the austerity agenda, NHS privatisation, student fees not to mention protesundefinedts and mass strikes, ULU hosts a Coalition of Resistance Meeting with Tony Benn, the President of CoR.

24 October · 18:30 – 20:30
Location: Archaeology Lecture Theatre, University College London, 31-34 Gordon Square , London WC1H 0PY

Come and join in the debate!


Tony Benn, President CoR
Melissa Benn, author ‘School Wars’
Des Freedman, Goldsmith Academic and author ‘The Assault on Universities’
Sean Rillo Raczka, ULU VP
Amena Amer, LSE SU Education Officer

A ULU CoR Meeting, hosted by UCLU



Noam Chomsky: Join us in Trafalgar Square on 8 October
> ****************************************
> The Antiwar Mass Assembly on Saturday continues to attract high
> profile pledges, the latest from Noam Chomsky and others who have
> issued the following statement:
> After 10 years of war in Afghanistan, more than 100,000 Nato
> troops remain and tens of thousands have died. Government claims
> that the war is contributing to Britain’s stability look
> increasingly hollow. Opinion polls suggest the majority of
> Britons want a speedy withdrawal of British troops, a view
> recently endorsed by the trade unions. Politicians have to get in
> step with public opinion and announce a date to bring troops
> home. We will be attending the mass anti-war assembly this
> Saturday 8 October in Trafalgar Square. We urge you to join us.
> * To see the full list of those attending, go to:
> * To see the provisional timetable for the day, go to:
> This is clearly going to be a memorable day. It will end with a
> march to Downing Street, led by ex-soldiers and military
> families, to demand that the government bring the troops home
> from Afghanistan now.
> Please do all you can in the days remaining to spread the word
> and encourage as many people as possible to join us.
> See
> ****************************************
> The world-renowned composer Howard Blake, whose compositions
> range from the huge hit “I’m Walking in the Air”, from the
> classic film The Snowman, to his composition titled “Charter for
> Peace” commissioned by the United Nations for the 50th
> anniversary of its founding, which was first performed in 1995
> before the Queen, prime minister John Major, and a host of
> dignitaries.
> Howard Blake was so outraged by the United Nations’ resolutions
> in March this year — when it gave the US and NATO cover for
> going to war with Libya — that he has withdrawn the “Charter for
> Peace” from his catalogue, saying:
> “The UN resolutions taken over Libya leading up to its invasion
> on March 19th 2011 violated [its] principles and the work is
> withdrawn from the catalogue, since to say that the organisation
> carries out a ‘charter for peace’ is no longer anything but a
> mockery of its formerly professed beliefs.” SEE
> It is for this reason that Howard Blake has offered to play his
> most famous composition “I’m Walking in the Air” at Saturday’s
> Antiwar Assembly in Trafalgar Square. Stop the War very much
> welcomes his decision to join us.
> ****************************************
> Six percent of babies die at birth and 25 percent before their
> 5th birthday. Conflict and political violence force millions of
> children and their families to flee their homes.
> A child’s basic right to life and development is seriously
> compromised by growing up in the context of war and occupation.
> Afghanistan has become the very worst place on earth to give
> birth to or raise a child.
> A new briefing, written for Stop the War by Lisa Davis, director
> of Rights International, with a conclusion by US author and
> activist David Swanson, is available on the Stop the War website.
> * For a summary of The Children of Afghanistan, go here:
> * To download the full report, go here:
> ****************************************
> Many thanks to everyone who has donated to our financial appeal
> to cover the costs of the Antiwar Assembly on Saturday. Your
> contributions have helped enormously.
> However, we still need to raise more to ensure that we are not
> left with a debt after Saturday, which would hinder the future
> activities we are already planning.
> If you have not contributed, please consider giving a donation
> now. Details of the various methods for donating are here:
> If you would prefer to make your contribution by becoming a
> national member of Stop the War, you can do that here:

Posted by: Clare Solomon | September 20, 2011

Breaking the Silence: Tweet Out Speak Out at ULU this Thursday

This brand new, exciting Stop The War project is to raise awareness of the Anti-War Assembly on 8 October in Trafalgar Sq and, hopefully, get it ‘trending’ on twitter. Remember to bring your smart phones.

Hosted by Clare Solomon this fun-packed evening includes poetry and spoken word by Michael Rosen Michael Horowitz and Sanasino Al-Yemen, 140-second special tweet appearances by Laurie Penny, Sanum Ghafoor & Owen Jones, MC’s Jimmy Jitzu & Raggo Zulu Rebel, live link-ups with Joe Glenton and others, and much much more.

All acts will be live tweeted and projected on a large Twitter Wall.

**Please can you also publicize the event on your blogs, Facebook walls and, of course, Twitter** And you can also set up your twitter to feed directly to Facebook using Selective Tweets:

Suggested donation of £3/£5 to go towards the costs of the Assembly.

If you can’t make it you can still participate on the night by simply tweeting at the same time using the hashtag #8Oct anytime between 7.30-10pm on 22 September.

Line up so far:

Micheal Rosen
Micheal Horovitz
Owen Jones
Laurie Penny
Sanum Ghafoor
Sanasino Al-Yemen
Jimmy Jitsu
Raggo Zulu Rebel
Black Snow
Nekz Mc
Ed Greens
Alan Morrison
Celia Mitchell
Martin Powell
Clare Saponia…more to come.


The assembly on 8 October has been organised to mark the 10 year anniversary on the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan and the injustice of Palestine, and now of course Libya. The event will be a rallying call against the injustices of the war, from Guantanamo Bay to arms sales around the world, and a chance to show the creative richness of all those campaigning for peace.

Please congratulate them HERE.

‘I’m delighted that the Glasgow occupation has won such a brilliant victory on behalf of staff and students. I just goes to show what solidarity and direct action can achieve. I think everyone should take their example forwards in our campaigns’

Sean Rillo Raczka, ULU VP

"The Free Hetherington occupation has been at the heart of the anti-cuts movement in Glasgow for more than half a year now and we are sad to see it end. It has inspired some of the largest demonstrations ever seen in the city including a 2,000 march on Senate and similar occupations at Strathclyde and elsewhere. What the success of the Hetherington highlights is that the only way we can beat the likes of Anton Muscatelli and Jim McDonald and defend ourselves against these attacks on our education and our welfare state is through direct action.

Solidarity from Strathclyde University Anti-Cuts Action Network."

Bryan Simpson

by T la Palli on August 15, 2011


Students at the University of Glasgow sit-in are celebrating this week after Principal Anton Muscatelli conceded defeat in his attempt to impose swingeing cuts on the University.

The u-turn comes after six months of pressure exerted by students occupying the Free Hetherington led to concessions ensuring a new postgraduate club, no further cuts to courses and no compulsory redundancies at the University.

As part of the deal secured by the Free Hetherington occupation, students will be able to quiz Principal Muscatelli directly in a mass open meeting in October over the lack of perceived transparency of management decisions at the University.

In exchange the students will end their six-month sit-in at 13 University Gardens to allow management to convert the former postgraduate club into lecturing space.

Students say they are enthusiastic about the outcome:

“Six months after management refused to engage with us, we’ve finally won these demands. Direct action and direct democracy work – we’ve proved that and management have accepted it, which in itself is a huge achievement.” – James Humphries, 24, postgraduate student in Philosophy.

They were keen to emphasise that the end of the occupation does not spell the end for activism on campus:

“While we’ve achieved a lot on campus this year the fight absolutely does not end here. We will continue our campaign against tuition fees and ensure management keep their end of the bargain. We will be back” – Laura Jones, 24, student in History of Art.

On 1st February 2011, a group of students entered the disused former Hetherington Research Club on campus and pledged to remain in the building until their demands, which included no course cuts and the reopening the postgraduate club, were met. In the past six months, a large body of students and staff have continually kept up pressure.

For almost two-hundred days the students have been sleeping, studying and campaigning in the former postgraduate club. Their efforts have received international acclaim and attracted visits from celebrities including director Ken Loach, singer-songwriter Billy Bragg and Scottish Makar Liz Lochhead. A packed schedule of events, lectures and workshops has made the Free Hetherington a focal point on campus for thousands of students and members of the local community.

As the longest-running student occupation in UK history, the Free Hetherington has become a lasting symbol of the wave of anti-tuition fees protests and occupations that swept the country in December 2010.

Students will bring the occupation to a conclusion around the end of August. A spokesperson for the occupation said the date would be announced in due course.

Interested media should contact
A bullet point version of the agreement is available. A finalized version is being confirmed with management. In short:

The Agreement

1. No more course cuts.

2. No compulsory redundancies.

3. A new postgraduate club, to be opened in the next year.

4. No cuts for student services, a guarantee of transparency with the SRC (Student Representative Council).

5. A public meeting with the principal Anton Muscatelli, where students and staff may address their worries.

6. No repercussions from the University for staff or students involved in the occupation.

7. An assurance that no information will be volunteered to the police about people involved.

Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 15, 2011

Post riots planning mtg this Thursday at ULU

Dear CoR supporters,

Please come to the London Activists planning meeting this Thursday.

As riots erupted across Britain, activists need to come together to plan our response to the government’s brutal cuts and austerity agenda, an agenda which makes young people pay for a crisis they did not cause, an agenda which gives them no stake in society. As our communities are deprived of jobs, services and access to education, a united response is required.

The Coalition of Resistance is holding a planning meeting for London activists, where we we can bring together ideas for actions, engagement and solidarity, against the brutalisation of young people by the police and government.

Date: Thursday 18 August

Time: 6.30-8pm
Place: Room 3A ULU (University of London Union), Malet St, London, WC1.

Please forward this email and here’s the facebook group for you to invite friends:

Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 9, 2011

Public meeting: Riots, Recession, Resistance

Riots, Recession, Resistance

Lee Jasper, Barac (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts)
Symeon Brown, Youth Worker in Tottenham and SOAS Black Students Officer 2009. See him speak HERE 

John McDonnell MP
Andrew Murray, Unite the union

Clare Solomon, Springtime: The New Student Rebellion
Zita Holborne (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts)
Viv Ahmun Black Men in the Community
Josie Fraser mother of Demetre Fraser death in  custody
Merlin Emmanuel Smiley Culture
Aaron Kiely NUS BLack Students Committee

More speakers will be added in a while-check back in  abit


7pm Thursday 11 August
University of London Union (tbc-check back here later today)
Malet Street, London WC1
(tube: Russell Square, Goodge Street or Euston Square)

Organised by the Coaltion of Resistance and Black Activists Rising Against Cuts

Central School of Speech and Drama are putting on a short festival of work from their Advanced Theatre Practice course (of which SHUNT are alumni) coming up this week on Saturday 30th July.

They have formed various companies after a year of study based on collaborative and alternative theatre making, and Saturday night will be a underground and fun display of this diversity.

Further information and full schedule of events can be found at




Protest when the Murdochs come to Westminster.

1.30pm, Tuesday 19th July outside Parliament.

Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebecca Brooks are being questioned in Parliament on Tuesday over corruption and criminality at the heart of the British establishment.

Make sure you are there so they know what we think.

Posted by: Clare Solomon | July 14, 2011

We Won the Wardens – for this year.

Results of the Consultation on Pastoral Support in the Halls of Residence

Join THIS Facebook group for updates and to get involved with the campaign to save them forever.

The University has recently completed a consultation exercise on proposals to create more than 50 new student bedrooms by changing the arrangements for pastoral support in the Halls.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group has now considered the results of the consultation and we are grateful to those people who took the time to submit their views. The consultation has shown the range of groups interested in the outcome of this decision. The VCEG wishes to examine fully the range of options available and the implications of any changes and has therefore decided:

1.       To suspend the consultation and implementation process immediately and confirm the status quo for the coming year 2011/12;

2.       To review and re-examine the range of options available to ensure the availability of appropriate pastoral support for students and to increase the availability of student rooms in the intercollegiate halls, taking in to account the suggestions that emerged during the consultation;

3.       To receive by the end of December 2011 proposals on the case for restructuring and the range of options, along with a full consultation and communications plan; this will take account of our legal obligations to Wardens and to students, and the UK Code of Practice for University-Managed Student Accommodation.


Kim Frost
Director of Human Resources

University of London
Senate House | Malet Street | London WC1E 7HU | UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7862 8029    Web:

Print of and put up around campus if you can

Its our last chance – one final push is needed people!

We have till midnight on Saturday to get as many sales as possible to get Freedom for Palestine in the charts.

Don’t let the BBC censor Palestine – get your copy right this second and get texting and emailing to all your contacts asking them to buy buy buy!

HMV – Just 79p!
Itunes – Just 79p!
Amazon – Just 69p!

Please pass this message on, repost on your facebook and plug away.

just over 24 hours to go!

Posted by: Clare Solomon | July 8, 2011

Last Call for the CoR Conference – This Saturday 9th July

CoR Conference: help build a strategy to beat the cuts

This Saturday the Coalition of Resistance will be holding our second National Conference. There will be resolutions debated from a wide range of our affiliated organisations.

We will be discussing the strategy necessary to defeat the cuts and privatisation programme of this government.

There will be speakers from many unions including PCS, Unite, NUT, FBU, CWU, NUS and the RMT. Other speakers will include Dot Gibson from the NPC, MPs Katy Clark and John McDonnell, Mehdi Hasan from the New Statesman, Zita Holbourne from BARAC and Wendy Savage from KONP.

Make sure of your place.

To register call 07913 643485 or through the Coalition of Resistance website

Andrew Burgin
CoR Secretary
07939 242229

3-9 July 2011. This is it. This is the week that counts.  

‘Freedom for Palestine’ is released today! Pre-orders are in but that’s not enough. We have just one week to get as many people as possible to buy the single so we can smash it into the charts.

Get your copy now!

HMV – Just 79p!

Itunes – Just 79p!

Amazon  – Just 69p!

This is the anthem of our movement. Buying this single is more than just buying a track of music; it is contributing to a struggle. The people of Palestine need us to lobby our MPs, take to the streets and even get into boats to bring them aid. But just like the people of South Africa they need us to sing to them. Buy this single and sing along!” Benjamin Zephaniah.

From the streets of Gaza to the muddy fields of Glastonbury the song has inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the world. We’ve made Fox anchor Glenn Beck cry, high street store LUSH has got behind the campaign and Archbishop Desmond Tutu even came out of retirement to tell people to buy the song! So be on the right side of history. Join musicians and artists such as Rogers Waters, Massive Attack, Lowkey, Mark Thomas, Julie Christie, Sami Yusuf, Ken Loach and Billy Bragg and get behind a historic challenge to the illegal Israeli occupation.

People in Palestine are relying on you to make this happen. Don’t let them down. Buy the single today.

HMV – Just 79p!

Itunes – Just 79p!

Amazon  – Just 69p!


Thank you




p.s. Now you’ve bought it, pass it on! Fwd this message to 10 people you know and convince them to download the song today

Posted by: Clare Solomon | June 17, 2011

9th July Coalition of Resistance National Conference

Can'y Pay Won't PAy
Dear Sister or Brother,

In its brief existence the Coalition of Resistance has made a real impact. You were one of those who attended our successful launch conference last November. On 9 July we are holding a second conference which will be action and resolution based with workshops as well as brief plenary sessions.

After the monster TUC demonstration on 26 March and the upcoming co-ordinated strike by four unions on 30 June we want to discuss bringing together the resistance to cuts at grassroots level with the national resistance of the trade unions and other campaigns.

We would like to invite you to attend and to ask your local campaign, trade union or other campaigning body to send delegates.
We are all engaged in the biggest fight of our lives as the Con Dems strive to demolish the welfare state, privatise the NHS and drive down living standards.

Register for the national conference: 9 July

The Coalition of Resistance National Members and Delegates Conference takes place on Saturday 9 July, 10am-5pm, at the University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E (nearest station: Euston).

Speakers already confirmed include: Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary, journalistMehdi HusseinClare Solomon, ULU President, and Zita Holbourne, BARAC Joint Chair.

With resolutions, workshops, and discussion, we will plan the way forwards in the fight against austerity and privatisation. All CoR supporters should register for the conference and encourage union branches, student unions, anti-cuts groups, and campaign groups to send delegates.

Registration costs are as follows:
Individual member                                      £5 waged/£3 unwaged
Organisation (up to 3 delegates)                   £15
Observer                                                    £10 waged/£5 unwaged
Combined CoR membership & registration     £18 waged/£7 unwaged
NOTE: voting delegates must be members of CoR

To register click hear:

Or send name, organisation (if applicable), email, postal address, and cheque to:
CoR Membership, c/o Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX.

Resolutions must be submitted by 24 June: email them to

I look forward to seeing you on 9 July.


Andrew Burgin,

Secretary, Coalition of Resistance

Posted by: Clare Solomon | June 15, 2011

Who’s going to Glastonbury? Wanna meet?

I am speaking at the debate entitled: Power in a Union at 1.30pm in Leftfields. It would be great to have  your support and input to this debate.  If you are around let’s meet for a coffee at 12.30 at the Chill ‘n’ Charge Central and charge our phones at the same time!
There are a number of us going (Laurie Penny, Aaron Peters, Guy Aitchison and others) to glasto 2011 and will periodically arrange to meet up so follow me on facebook and twitter for other updates as to where we might be meeting.
Here’s The Official Glastonbury App which will helps us to locate each other.
It has a snazzy little function that does THIS:  [Among others] I’m going to catch Plan B, Beyoncé, Pump Up The Volume, Twin Tango and Shazia Mirza. Tell your mates who you are watching with the Official Glastonbury Festival app from Orange.
Anyway, see you there-don’t forget your wellies 🙂
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Don’t just watch on youtube-you need to DOWNLOAD for 79p to get it into the charts.

As the Israeli military blockade of Gaza enters its fifth year, new campaign has been launched to get the song ‘Freedom for Palestine’ by OneWorld into the UK charts.

The song has generated a social media storm in the weeks since launch– over 250,000 people have watched the music video and the single has been promoted by the likes of Coldplay, Lowkey, Billy Bragg, Mark Thomas, Benjamin Zephaniah, Alice Walker and LUSH, the ethical cosmetics company.

We have the opportunity to do something truly historic. But we need you to make this happen. 25K people need to buy the single for it to get into the top ten. Without radio play or a music industry PR machine we are dependent on ordinary people to buy the single and spread the message. If ‘Freedom for Palestine’ gets into the charts, it would send a message to the UK government, and all those who lend economic or political support to Israel, that a critical mass of people want to see an end to the Israeli occupation. The mainstream media will find it hard to ignore or censor its message and we would be sending a powerful message of solidarity to the Palestinian people.

Do 3 things for the people of Palestine today

1)       Pre-order the single now from iTunes or HMVdigital.

2)       Join the Facebook group, invite your friends and share on your wall. If everyone gets just 5 of their friends to join the fanpage we will have massively built the campaign

3)       Send this post to all your contacts now!

This isn’t just a song, it’s a political statement

Be part of it


Posted by: Clare Solomon | June 13, 2011

ULU’s Good Ole Cockney Knees Up w Mister Meredith

All welcome to help celebrate a year of action and to raise a glass to the upcoming year. 

Thursday, 28 July, 7pm


We’ll be wheeling out the ole joanna (Piana in cockney rhyming slang!), rolling up our trousers and tuning our vocal chords for a fun and fantastic sing-along to all your old favourites. Song sheets will be provided. Participation not essential although Sean Rillo-Raczka will be mightily disappointed if you don’t even sing his favourite (no prizes for guessing)

This is a family friendly event so All welcome. Click ‘attending’ the facebook group invite for updates.

See Mister Meredith’s website here:

Esther Romero, Democracia Real Ya – London
Sofia Hilari, Greek anticapitalist activist
Kate Hudson,CND
Alex Kenny, NUT

The EU, the IMF, and the European Central Bank have created a Europe of bailouts for the rich and cutbacks for the rest. But resistance is rising. Hundreds of thousands have joined demonstrations, strikes, and mass occupations of public squares.

Thousands have occupied Madrid’s Puerta del Sol in conscious imitation of the Arab Spring revolutions. The example has been followed in scores of Greeks have copied them in occupying Athens’ Syntagma Square.

There is a pan-European movement of resistance forming. The Coalition of Resistance has called this meeting on Wednesday 15 June in support of the Spanish, Greek, and other European protestors. Join us in solidarity and resistance.

Posted by: Clare Solomon | June 1, 2011

Open Letter to CEO of Sodexo

After our successful campaign at Soas we urge other students’ unions to start their own Sod Sodexho campaign.

Open Letter to CEO of Sodexo

1st June 2011

Dear Mr Bellon,

This summer, SOAS’ food service contract with a controversial multinational corporation will expire, and the Students’ Union will ensure the company cannot return to our school until it resolves a series of human rights violations overseas.

The SOAS Students’ Union stands together with student organizations in the United States to resolve persistent human rights violations by Sodexo, a food services contractor at many of our universities and students’ unions in the United Kingdom. Based on independent and third-party reports from Human Rights Watch, the TransAfrica Forum, a Commission of Inquiry on Colombia, and United Students Against Sweatshops, we are deeply concerned about this corporation’s pattern of noncompliance with the very United Nations and International Labour Organization standards to which Sodexo itself has publicly committed.

The Students’ Union is proud to say that Sodexo will lose its contract with SOAS this August. This decision came after the Students’ Union stood against a renewal of Sodexo’s contract when it was learned that Sodexo profited through contracts at Guantanamo Bay, detention centres for asylum-seekers, and US military bases in Afghanistan.

SOAS students and staff ran a high profile Sod Sodexo campaign, similar to those happening on the other side of the Atlantic this spring. Students staged occupations of the Brunei Suite (Sodexo’s base on campus) to emphasize how strongly we felt that Sodexo had no place at our university. A number of strategies were adopted, including an all-out boycott of the canteen whilst strategically instituting catering requirements to ensure that Sodexo could no longer provide an adequate service.

We commend students in the United Students who have, in recent weeks, been forced to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience to urge their own universities to terminate contracts with Sodexo worth many millions in U.S. dollars. We express our support especially to those fifty-six students who have been arrested in the last month during a wave of sit-ins at the offices of university presidents who have rejected students’ demand to drop Sodexo.

Today we declare our intention to do everything within our power to ensure Sodexo will be excluded from the contractual pool for any future contract at SOAS until and unless the corporation takes the following basic steps to prove it is serious about compliance with international labour standards, as has been communicated previously to Sodexo by United Students Against Sweatshops, various organisations of Sodexo workers and other advocates:

1. Re-hire Carina Mieses and the other Sodexo workers fired in the Dominican Republic after leading efforts to demand unpaid wages and forming the union SitrasodexoDO.

2. Obey the order of the Colombian Labor Ministry and begin bargaining in good faith with Sodexo workers and their union Sinaltrainal.

3. Publicly agree to recognize, without delay, workers’ unions through whichever legal method workers choose to pursue, which in the United States must include the majority sign-up or “card check” method.

4. End sub-poverty wages for Sodexo workers at U.S. universities by raising wages to a level such that a full-time worker would learn no less than the Federal Poverty Threshold for a family of four, and publicly commit to working towards paying a “living wage” such that full-time workers can afford the local costs of basic necessities.

We are now encouraging all Students’ Unions in the UK to ensure that Sodexo does not continue to operate on our campuses until said demands are met.


Sebilio Uribe, Jasper Kain and Milaad Rajai (SOAS Students’ Union co-Presidents)

Posted by: Clare Solomon | June 1, 2011

Save The Africa Centre: Emergency Protest

Save The Africa Centre: Emergency Protest, Thursday 11:30am

(Sign the petition: )

What is the Africa Centre?

It’s a building in Covent Garden called the Africa Centre (see, which is run by a charity of the same name. It has a 40 year history of being a vibrant site for maintaining and projecting the culture of Africa, Africans and the Diaspora, through arts events, exhibitions and concerts. Visitors and performers have included Ken Saro-Wiwa, Jacob Zuma, Alice Walker, Chinua Achibe, Maya Angelou, Lynton Kwesi Johnson, Ben Okri, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Desmond Tutu.

What’s Wrong?
In March 2011, news leaked that the trustees had secretly decided to sell off the centre to property developers, without consultation and without any firm plans (or money) for a replacement centre. There is huge opposition to this from some trustees, members of the Africa Centre, supporters and Africans around the country. The building is not theirs to sell. The Africa Centre was given, in perpetuity, by the Catholic Church in the 1960s to the people of Africa and its diaspora. It will mean the loss of an important cultural and political asset for London. It also marks a blow to efforts to celebrate diversity and our international heritage, at a time when barriers and prejudices need to be challenged.

What Was The Response?
A campaign to prevent this has since kicked off ( with high profile backing from Archbishop Demond Tutu (see this video), Mayor Boris Johnson (see this letter to the Times), Mo Ibrahim, Youssou N’Dour and a petition signed by about 1500 people. At the very least, the campaign is looking for the trustees to postpone the sale until after an emergency general meeting (EGM) with members of the centre, scheduled for 20th June.

Why the Emergency Protest?
The campaign has just discovered that the Chair of the trustees plans to secretly sign a legally binding option to sell the centre to Capital and Counties property developer (Capco) this Friday 3rd June. Once this is done, the building will have to be sold to them, however the developers will have some time to review the price and haggle for a cheaper deal. This will deny Africans and supporters of the centre the opportunity to oppose the sale and turns a democractic EGM into a stage-managed rubber stamping of the deal.

What Do We Do Now?
Emergency Protest
Meet: 11:30am
Venue: The Africa Centre, 38 King Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8JT
Wear: Red and Black or African dress
The protest will take place to the sounds of Fela Kuti’s “No Agreement”.
For more information please contact Dele Fatunla (delefatunla)

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