• A strong, united voice for London students
  • Money for public services, not bankers
  • Oppose all cuts and fees increases
  • ULU co-ordination of dynamic London-wide anti-cuts campaign
  • Occupations and mass direct action get results

Millions of pounds of funding cuts are planned for higher education, leading to course closures and redundancies. The Tories want to go even further, closing whole universities. Politicians claim there is no money for vital public services like education, while blowing billions on bailouts for bankers.

After years of increasing fees, and average student debt hitting £23,000, students should not now be asked to fund the City of London’s gambling habit.

The money is out there to pay for good education for all, whether through the Robin Hood tax on speculation or cancelling the £75bn Trident submarine upgrade. Why should future generations of potential students be deprived of university degrees to prop up City fat cats?

Defending education against these attacks means building the biggest, strongest campaign possible. We are many: together we can make our voices heard. Now is the time to build a mass movement against cuts that unites students from every university and college.

It means including every student, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, home or overseas.  Overseas and postgrads have been treated as cash-cows by universities for too long, facing exhorbitant fees hikes.

London students are now on the front-line, whether confronting swingeing cuts at Kings College or tackling the financial meltdown at London Met. A London-wide campaigning union will make us all more effective. I have organised and led student occupations, which showed that direct action can force those in power to sit up and take notice.

As President, I’ll work tirelessly for ULU to become the campaigning students union that amplifies our voices, and fights for a different vision of our universities. We want campuses that are centres of learning for all, not training grounds for corporations. We strive to build communities – of students, lecturers and other university workers – that can make a difference to the wider world.


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