Liberation campaigns

Liberation campaigns have suffered since the removal of liberation officers from the constitution two years ago. At the time I was on ULU Council and argued against this; that we need more not less representation and campaigning over issues of oppression.

I am active on the NUS LGBT steering committee, and I played a leading role in the successful campaign to drive the sexist throwback ‘Miss University’ competition out of our universities.

I will campaign to bring back liberation campaigns, and not just ‘networks’ but proper, elected representation.

Below are a few examples of some of the campaigning I have done over liberation issues.

See me giving Boris hell here!! Bet he’s quaking in his Tory boots… (plus, he lied; he still hasnt funded any extra Rape Crisis provisions)

My iPhone video of the beautiful ‘Something Inside So Strong’ sung by the London Gay Mens Choir at the Candlelight vigil for Ian Baynham murdered in homophobic attack on 25/10/09 Trafalgar Sq



  1. […] each debate will be followed by a social of some sort hosted by one of the Liberation Campaigns (another thing I pledged on my […]

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