Posted by: Clare Solomon | July 3, 2011

Buy now – This is the week that counts – Get ‘Freedom for Palestine’ into the charts!

3-9 July 2011. This is it. This is the week that counts.  

‘Freedom for Palestine’ is released today! Pre-orders are in but that’s not enough. We have just one week to get as many people as possible to buy the single so we can smash it into the charts.

Get your copy now!

HMV – Just 79p!

Itunes – Just 79p!

Amazon  – Just 69p!

This is the anthem of our movement. Buying this single is more than just buying a track of music; it is contributing to a struggle. The people of Palestine need us to lobby our MPs, take to the streets and even get into boats to bring them aid. But just like the people of South Africa they need us to sing to them. Buy this single and sing along!” Benjamin Zephaniah.

From the streets of Gaza to the muddy fields of Glastonbury the song has inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the world. We’ve made Fox anchor Glenn Beck cry, high street store LUSH has got behind the campaign and Archbishop Desmond Tutu even came out of retirement to tell people to buy the song! So be on the right side of history. Join musicians and artists such as Rogers Waters, Massive Attack, Lowkey, Mark Thomas, Julie Christie, Sami Yusuf, Ken Loach and Billy Bragg and get behind a historic challenge to the illegal Israeli occupation.

People in Palestine are relying on you to make this happen. Don’t let them down. Buy the single today.

HMV – Just 79p!

Itunes – Just 79p!

Amazon  – Just 69p!


Thank you




p.s. Now you’ve bought it, pass it on! Fwd this message to 10 people you know and convince them to download the song today


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