Posted by: Clare Solomon | June 14, 2011



Don’t just watch on youtube-you need to DOWNLOAD for 79p to get it into the charts.

As the Israeli military blockade of Gaza enters its fifth year, new campaign has been launched to get the song ‘Freedom for Palestine’ by OneWorld into the UK charts.

The song has generated a social media storm in the weeks since launch– over 250,000 people have watched the music video and the single has been promoted by the likes of Coldplay, Lowkey, Billy Bragg, Mark Thomas, Benjamin Zephaniah, Alice Walker and LUSH, the ethical cosmetics company.

We have the opportunity to do something truly historic. But we need you to make this happen. 25K people need to buy the single for it to get into the top ten. Without radio play or a music industry PR machine we are dependent on ordinary people to buy the single and spread the message. If ‘Freedom for Palestine’ gets into the charts, it would send a message to the UK government, and all those who lend economic or political support to Israel, that a critical mass of people want to see an end to the Israeli occupation. The mainstream media will find it hard to ignore or censor its message and we would be sending a powerful message of solidarity to the Palestinian people.

Do 3 things for the people of Palestine today

1)       Pre-order the single now from iTunes or HMVdigital.

2)       Join the Facebook group, invite your friends and share on your wall. If everyone gets just 5 of their friends to join the fanpage we will have massively built the campaign

3)       Send this post to all your contacts now!

This isn’t just a song, it’s a political statement

Be part of it



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