Posted by: Clare Solomon | May 25, 2011

June 11 Day Conference: Afghanistan and the war on terror ten years on

Conway Hall Red Lion Square London WC1R 4RL. Registration 9.30 am • Tickets £5

Ten years ago the events of 9/11 triggered a series of events which changed the world profoundly. The war in Afghanistan marked the start of a decade of war which has resulted in death, injury and displacement for millions of people across south Asia and the Middle East. The latest of these wars has now been launched on Libya, while the first one that in Afghanistan is taking a growing human and economic toll in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Stop the War is holding an important conference on Afghanistan and the war on terror which aims to analyse and explain the war and its legacies. It will bring together different elements of the broad movement including journalists, activists, former soldiers and military families. The conference is important as an exchange of information and ideas. But it is also a means of organising future campaigns. Ten years on, we still have to build a mass movement to force the US and British governments to withdraw the troops and to stop future interventions.

Speakers include: Tony Benn • Mehdi Hassan • Tariq Ali • Lindsey German • US peace campaigner David Swanson • Pankaj Mishra • Joan Humphries • David Gentleman • George Galloway

Sessions include: 
• Iraq the aftermath
• Afghanistan and Pakistan – war without end?
• Women and war
• War and resistance: the uprisings in the Middle East
• Imperialism in the 21st century


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