Posted by: Clare Solomon | May 25, 2011

Hijabs, Hoodies and Hotpants block on SlutWalk London!

Whatever we do, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no. Quite simply we should be free to wear whatever we like without fear of rape, reprisal or repression. Join us on June 11th to show solidarity to each other whatever we wear.

Whatever we do, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no.


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Jack Straw said he wouldn’t talk to a constituent wearing a niqab. A Toronto police official tells women not to dress like ‘sluts’ if they don’t want to be raped. A butch lesbian woman is sexually assaulted because she turned down a man. France stops Muslim women covering their face by law. Ken Clarke asserts that there’s a difference between date rape and ‘serious’ rape.

These remarks are all two sides of the same sexist coin; and they all seek to control women’s dress, behaviour and ultimately make them responsible for the daily victimisation they face.

The irony is that we know that the way women dress has precious little to do with rape and sexual abuse. 1 in 4 women will be raped in a lifetime, and the vast majority of those will be raped by someone previously known to them – a spouse, partner, friend or acquaintance.

The recent spate of sexist remarks over rape, and the attempts to dump responsibility on the victims, means the SlutWalk phenomenon has never been more necessary; it’s time to take to the streets to defend our right to decide how we dress, and to reject the idea that we’re ever to blame for violence committed against us. And that includes the constant attempts to control the dress of Muslim woman – like the niqab ban in France.

So we want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable on the march – women in hoodies and trainers, Muslim sisters who wear the niqab or hijab, ladies in hotpants and heels, men in tank tops or traditional dress, trans people in dresses or jeans – this is the place for you.

We’re organising the Hoodies, Hijabs and Hotpants contingent to ensure that there’s a space for everyone on the SlutWalk London march – whether your dress of choice is a niqab, a hoodie or a minidress, we want you to come and march side by side, to defend the right of women to dress as they please without the fear of recrimination.

Please join us on the day and fight for the right to wear what you like – look out for our banner on the day!


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