Posted by: Clare Solomon | May 16, 2011

Victory re Senate Library but meeting still going ahead.

Dear all,

I have received notice from someone in this campaign that the library is not, after all, going to close over the summer although I did not receive the information from the library itself.  Thank you to those who did let me know about this.  This is obviously a victory and we are very pleased that the library management have taken our concerns seriously.

This also demonstrates what we can do when we organise effectively. U of L student protests last year have been particularly vocal and we are confident that our victory had something to do with this. However there are many more existing problems.

As you may or may not know SAS does not have its own Students’ Union and, therefore, it is ULU who fills this legal requirement (Education Act 1994 stipulates that all universities must have a student representation system).

A number of other issues have now come to light and it is on this basis that the meeting called for tomorrow is going to go ahead.

Date: Tuesday 17 May 2011

Time: 1-2.30pm

Room: 2E ULU building

Please do come along if you want to ensure your voices are heard at all levels in the university and please forward this message to anyone who may be interested. I do not, as is usual for a Students’ Union, have access to the whole SAS students database.

Finally, there is an ‘Opposition to UoL Proposal’ facebook group to campaign against the removal of wardens from student residences. Join it HERE and sign the petition. We will discuss this tomorrow at the meeting.

Clare Solomon

President University of London Union, ULU

W 020 7664 2001

M 07850 177 637


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