Posted by: Clare Solomon | March 10, 2011

Lee Jasper, Jeremy Corbyn & Umit Ozturk back the campaign

Lee Jasper from BARAC, Black Activists Rise Against the Cuts

Thanks to all the great support so far. Here’s just a few of them:

Lee Jasper

Clare Solomon represent ts the best chance for ULU students to elect someone with unambigous progressive politics and firm prinicples. Her leadership and commitment have been an inspiration during the student opposition and campaigns against the cuts. I for one will be rooting for her relection. She enjoys my 100% support.

Jeremy Corbyn

Good wishes in the election; you are a dedicated passionate advocate for students at University, totally opposed to the monstrous fees rise and defending EMA to give young people a chance. You have the vision and the energy!

Umit Ozturk

Why Clare? Two simple reasons: her unbeatable passion and immeasurably endless love for her cause. Actually, we must add fearless determination, too. All the best wishes for a victorious election Clare


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