Posted by: Clare Solomon | March 2, 2011

International Women’s Day events at ULU

New addition to lineup:  Gig Ibrahim from Tahrir Sq

In celebration of International Women’s day, ULU in partnership with C.o.R are proud to

present an evening of  Speakers, Poetry and Readings in solidarity with the struggle of women across the world.

With the current public sector cuts looming, women will are set to bear nearly 75% of the Tory-Liberal coalition plans. This is despite the fact that women’s income is still considerably lower than mens and women continue to be denied equal opportunities, at work, in public and at home.

However, increasingly, we see that women are at the forefront of the resistance against cuts and continue to fight for equality in all aspects of British society, in Tunisia, Egypt, Wisconsin and around the globe. But we still have a lot to fight for.

With Guest Speakers:

Lindsey German – Coaltion of Resistance, Stop the War

Gig Ibrahim from Tahrir Sq

Nina Power – Lecturer and Author
Kiri Tunks NUT women’s committee

Clare Solomon, ULU President
Please join us for International Women’s Day to celebrate women’s achievements to reflect on the challenges that lie ahead.

Followed by Girl’s Night Sing so join us at any point of the evening for a great night out.


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