Posted by: Clare Solomon | February 27, 2011

Mon 28 Feb – MARCH TO CAMDEN TOWN HALL Assemble 5.30 pm Mornington Crescent

Tomorrow, Monday 28th February, there is a protest march against government cuts in council spending in Camden, The march is from Mornington Cres to Camden Town Hall on Judd St, off Euston Rd, near St Pancras, where there will be a demonstration. See below.

Some of us are planning to attend the march and/or demonstration with placards and leaflets to highlight the fact that while the Government is cutting back funding on some essential services to the tune of some £80 million over the next 3 years, they are at the same time planning to spend £220 million on the UKCMRI project, a massive bio-containment and virus research facility also in the borough of Camden

This is a highly controversial and very expensive project, which is strongly opposed by the vast majority of the residents, which poses a real threat to the safety of the population of Camden and the wider public, which is being built on land which was promised to residents for affordable housing, and on land which furthermore was sold off cheaply, at a discount of tens of  millions of pounds, by the Government to its friends in a corrupt bidding procedure.

We think the people tomorrow protesting against the cuts in their services in Camden would be most interested in knowing these facts, please join us if you can and help us get the word out!

Details of the march and protest are below, we’ll be announcing our meeting times shortly, or email back for more details, or text/call 07899 775493.

Monday 28 February: MARCH TO CAMDEN TOWN HALLAssemble 5.30 pm Mornington Crescent (Crowndale Centre, Eversholt St, NW1) 6.15pm Camden Town Hall


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