Posted by: Clare Solomon | February 25, 2011

Finally, Free Education after 10 yrs of protests!

(there’s hope for us UK students yet-note the nice thank you to us lot at the end of the letter)

Today is a good day for a better educational system in germany. In Northrhine-Westfalia (NRW) tuition fees were abolished by the regional parliament of the biggest country in germany with more than 25 percent of germanys student population. After about ten years of struggle against a more and more economic orientated education policy the students achieved a substantial withdraw.

First they fought against tuition fees for students over their prescribed period of study invented by the social democrats, then against tuition fees for everybody from the beginning introduced by the conservatives.

Only huge waves of protests over a long period of time could take us to this kind of rollback about the question of tuition fees. In parliament it is executed by social democrats now, together with green party and left party. But even conservatives and liberals do not support them anymore in some countries.

Of Cause there are still a lot of big problems at university and in the educational system in germany. Think of the Bologna Process and other effects of economic forces on higher education.

But the student movement can concentrate on these problems, now that personal financial capacity does not play such a huge role at university anymore. Some countrys in germany still remain with tuition fees, but this may change with the elections we expect this year.

I wish you good luck in your struggles. Think of this success as i thank you for motivating us from all over the world.

See You
Olaf Götze

Münster, NRW, Germany


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