Posted by: Clare Solomon | February 16, 2011

Lowkey at ULU, International Women’s Day & Ents Team needed

1) You’ll be pleased to know that ULU is doing very well this year.

Our turnover is up, 11,000 more people have been through the doors and we are in the process of paying the London Living Wage. We are very proud of all hard work that our various departments have put in over the last six months. We know it has not been easy what with all the demonstrations and media attention but it sure has been worth it. Our inboxes continue to be full with lovely complimentary emails and we even received a handwritten letter from an ex-police officer saying how inspired and proud he is of ‘the brave students’!

Anyway, here are just a few updates from ULU. Subscribe to this blog for updates!

Email with any queries or suggestions.

Good luck with all your studies and campaigns.

2) The Equality Movement: How Can We Resist?

Open meeting chaired by Lowkey.

Friday 18 Feb, 7-9.30pm

Panel discussion with a number of speakers followed by discussion from the floor.

Speakers include: Clare Solomon ULU President, Jody McIntyre, Joe Glenton, soldier who refused to serve, reports from Egypt and Tunisia and more.

With poetry and filmshowings.

***Arrive early to ensure a seat**

See HERE for the full lineup

FREE entry and ALL ages welcome

3) International Women’s Day

Sexism STILL exists in our society. From unequal pay, despite the Dagenham women fighting for equal pay in 1968, to women’s bodies being used to sell every product from tyres’ to toilet roll.

When I went to Berlin last month for Holocaust Memorial Day I was infuriated to see the film Made in Dagenham being relabelled ‘We Want Sex’. These brave women who occupied their factory in the fight for equal pay demanded ‘We Want Sexual Equality’ and yet for some perverse reason the advertisers of this  fantastic film chose to shorten their banner to make the film more ‘marketable’. Grrrr, I’M SO AAAANGRY.  Especially because IWD used to be called InternationalWorking Women’s Day…

So, in the continuing struggle for women’s liberation tere are two events at ULU on International Women’s Day on March 8th

A speaker event The Feminist Manifesto for the 21st Century at 5pm followed by Girls Night Sing karaoke kicked off by Beverley Knight.

Tickets in advance from £5 for students from

All proceeds to Plan International.

For more info on either event please contact

4) Entertainments Team needed

Last year ULU rescinded the Barfly contract. We now have lots of lovely space to be filled with interesting events. We need YOU to decide what you want.

Afternoons seem particularly in need of some nice events.

Do you have a Jazz band, want to do some poetry readings or maybe want to organise a family friendly event ?

Contact me at to express an interest and we’ll convene a planning mtg soon.

Let your creative juices flow.



  1. That poster you saw is shocking, perhaps even more shocking is that ‘We Want Sex!’ was the working title of Made in Dagenham for UK release, until changed fairly late on in its production.

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