Posted by: Clare Solomon | January 14, 2011

19.01.11 – Save EMA: Picaddilly to Parliament Protest

We have only just been told that on Jan 19th MP’s will vote in Parliament on wherther to scrap EMA. They give us so little notce so we dont have enough time to build a big protest. Well, we did Dec 9th in only six days so if we all crack on with this we can get a good turnout.

19 January 2011

EMA enables many thousands of students across the UK to study in colleges and sixth forms. The proposed slashing is a clear malicious attack on the students from poorer backgrounds. We cannot accept the governments punishment of students for a crisis they didn’t cause. We need to unite to save EMA!
Posters and flyers on their way (unless you fancy making some, if so, please upload here so we can share them)

Meeting point Picaddilly Circus.

3.30pm Meet outside your own school, college or university and head to Picaddilly Circus

4pm for an hour of entertainment, music, open mic and LIVE Graffitti lessons.

5pm march to Parliament

6pm rally and open mic

Route TBC
You may also join in with the NUS campaign to lobby your MP by arranging.

This is from NUS:

We urge students and student representatives to come to London on Wednesday 19 January, the day of the vote, and lobby your MP. We need as many students in London as possible to create a large impact.

Please make sure you arrange a meeting with your MP before you travel to London.

Their will be a chance for you to register with NUS and receive information about winning the arguments before you meet your MP – details of this will be confirmed in the coming days.

There’s another facebook group here:!/event.php?eid=173551569353859

It is the same event and has access to different people on facebook so it is not a conflicting event.


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