Posted by: Clare Solomon | January 12, 2011

Holocaust Memorial Day, EMA, Immigration, LSA minutes and more

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1) London Student Assembly and upcoming demos/actions

Minutes including agreed actions from 5th LSA HERE

EMA: There is now a vote in parliament on EMA cuts on Jan 19th giving us less than a week to plan and organise and build.

Meet at Picaddilly Circus at 4pm for an hours entertainment and Graffiti lessons then march to parliament


Next LSA THIS , Sunday 16th Jan 2011, 3pm at ULU

‘Friend’ us HERE

2)      Last Chance Berlin Trip. See for details.  Holocaust Memorial Day is on 29th Jan. If you can’t come to Berlin please think of doing something at your own uni.

3)      Last chance Verso book. Title now – Spring Time: The New Student Rebellions 

  1. a. Submissions

i.      I have a very limited slots for images. Please email them to and upload to flickr ‘Student Protests’ group. Please make sure you have permission to do so.

  1. b. Launch events

i.      The media are all over this fantastic book. Loads of big bookshops want to do book launches and the main launch will be at Scala nightclub in about 6 weeks. Press release and more details to follow.

4)      Immigration and the reduction in International student visas. Open Meeting to Defend Global Education: Fighting Against the Cap. See ULU Campaigner post for more details.

5) Defend Bryan Simpson. Fellow student and activist Bryan Simpson from Strathclyde University was arrested at his home in Glasgow in a dawn raid by police officers at 6am on 24th November 2010.

We send our warmest solidarity sympathies to Bryan. This intimidation of students should not be allowed to continue. We must stand up to the strong arm of the law and defend our students wherever possible. We MUST be united to defeat the government and it’s bullies in the Police.

Bryan, you are a shining example of a dedicated activist. The warm manner in which you speak to people, the way you tirelessly defend others and your commitment to so many causes should be commended and I wish you all the luck with your campaign.

Please sign the petition HERE and forward this message to your fellow students.

6) Senate Meeting

Senate is a democratic meeting to which one rep from each ULU attends to debate and discuss the policies of ULU

All ULU students welcome to observe at our newly OPEN Senate Meetings (well, they’ve always been open but we promised this year to let you know the details)

Tuesday, 25th January 2011, 2.00pm-4.00pm


More details on all these events at ULU Campaigner blog


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