Posted by: Clare Solomon | January 4, 2011

Berlin, Book, Tango & London Student Assembly

Welcome back and Happy New Decade. Here’s a few reminders of things coming up: 

1) Taking ULU to Holocaust Memorial Day, Berlin

Here’s the previous post on my ULU blog with more details on how to join us:
27th – 31st January 2011

Book your flights NOW to get them for £55

2) Argentine Tango continues EVERY Monday 6.30pm in The Venue on 1st floor.
Get fit, increase the level of endorphins, discover a joyful hobby with Eleonora our professional Argentine teacher.

Complete beginners welcome, lessons restart on Monday 10 January

Join us on Facebook:

3) London Student Assembly, Sunday 9th Jan 2011, 3pm at ULU

See Facebook event HERE and ‘friend’ us HERE

In the past few months, students from all over the country have stood up for their rights to education and formed the biggest mass student movement that this country has seen in decades.  This is just the beginning.

The LSA was instrumental in calling for the national demonstration on 9/12/2010, and has been involved in all the demonstrations against fees and cuts.

The LSA has been meeting every Sunday (although this could change if you decide to do so) and offers you the chance to have your voice heard.  It is a chance for students to democratically decide on where the movement should go next.

The Assembly is open to all students, and we want everyone, no matter what age, to come along and let us know what you want to see happen.  Please come along and have your say.

When? Every Sunday @ 3pm

Where? The Venue, ULU, Malet Street

First Meeting: Sunday 9th January 2011, 3pm

Text your email address and ‘LSA’ to 07850 177 637 to be added to the organising group.

4) Final call for submissions to my book. Final deadline Monday 10th Jan.

I am co-editing a book on student and youth movements with Tariq Ali for the fantastic radical publishers Verso Books.

Here is a brief brief: Collection to focus on testimony, giving a sense of the rapid development of protest and occupation, as well as the wider context of protest (school students, unions &c) wherever possible

I’m keen to make as much creative use as possible of visual material (photos/ screen grabs of videos/twitter feeds/emails &c, so please assemble as much as possible to choose from.

Please contribute any images, articles and suggestions to

Final deadline for submission: January 10th 2011


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