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In this message:

1)      Intro

2)      Reports and photos from past events incl demos, occupations and LSA.

3)      Announcements

I.            NCAFC and LSA warns supporters not to attend 20/12 “March of Resistance”

II.            Next London Student Assembly 9th January 2011

III.            I am co-editing a book on student and youth movements with Laurie Penny and assisted by     Tariq Ali   for the fantastic radical publishers Verso Books. Please contribute any images, articles                                           and suggestions to Cuts, Kettles and Cameras: Student and youth movements across the world

Deadline for submission: January 4th 2011 (slightly flexible if it is an exceptional submission)

IV.            More actions and protests are coming up. Watch ULU Campaigner for more details. I have linked                                              other education campaigns to the blog.

***BBC interview with Jody McIntyre, a young man with cerebral palsy who was tipped out of his wheelchair by police and dragged across the road***

1) Intro

What we have seen in the past month, is students across the UK awakening from their slumber.  A new generation of political activists has formed, stretching from Westminster to Glasgow, Essex to Aberystwyth, fighting in solidarity for the world that we want to see.

Over 30,000 student, education workers, trade unionists and supporters reclaimed the streets and marched to Parliament to protest against the privatisation of the English higher education system.

After the dramatic events of 9th December, once the disappointment has settled we must remember that the Government managed to pass the tuition fee increases by only 21 votes.  So divided was the weakened Coalition government that 3 MP’s have been forced to resign over disagreements.  Over 20 of Nick Clegg’s own party voted against his proposition.

For students across the country, many questions remain; what to do now? Where next? What to do about Police violence?

Now is not the time to back down, the next wave of protests at the beginning of next year will see not just student demonstrators, but frustrated groups from all sectors of society, marching against Parliament, demanding to have their voices heard by a government that is trying to deny its citizens a voice.

The movement has now gained momentum, the more we protest, the more we occupy, the more we demonstrate, the stronger the movement will be.

This is not the end….This is just the beginning

2)  Reports and photos from past events incl demos, occupations and LSA.

I. Few images

II. London Students Assemblies

FE students protest peacefully on top of Trafalgar Square

Burning exercise books to keep warm. Beats the ‘Dog Ate my Homework’ excuse!

Dec 9th 2010

ii. London Students Assemblies:

The first London Student Assembly was held in ULU on 21st November, bringing students from across London together to discuss the issues at hand and how best to move forward.  The LSA continues to meet every Sunday and welcomes all students.  Each session is coordinated by students and co-chaired for maximum democracy.  All proposals, motions, statements of intent and proposals are welcomed.

Please feel free to join us and express your opinions.  Join the LSA googlegroups mailing list for more information and updates at:

Please also join the Facebook page as a platform for discussion:!/profile.php?id=100001671160215

It was at the Student Assembly that all Stewards for the protests were democratically elected.  A big thank you all those who volunteered their time to help with the demonstrations.  All stewards did a fantastic job in keeping the procession moving at a good speed and in the right direction.

Stewards leading the front of the demonstration 9th December

III. Occupations

Congratulations are definitely due to all the ULU colleges that went into occupation over the past few weeks and kept them going strong.

After an Emergency General Meeting, SOAS students voted in favour of occupation as part of the fight against coalition plans to cut government funding to higher education institutions and a trebling of university fees.

As they occupied the Brunei Gallery at 12pm on Monday 22 November, word spread, Universities throughout London occupied central buildings, and used the space as an opportunity to promote art exhibitions, discussions, lectures, music and guest speakers.

Although Aberystwyth and Hull Universities only went into occupation on 13th December, by now most ULU colleges have left their occupations after over three weeks, cheered on by hundreds of supporters and fellow students.  These students are now preparing for further action next year.

LSA is calling on further occupations next year. This time we really need to ratchet up the pressure on management.

Follow the link to see Ken Livingstone inside SOAS occupation:

Follow the link to see Newsnight within SOAS occupation:

Student Occupations have come along way since LSE Occupation 1983!

SOAS Occupation:

Please follow the links below to find out more information about the ULU college occupations:




Royal Holloway




Courtauld Institute of Art!/courtauldsu?v=wall


Glasgow: Students in Glasgow even braved the sub zero icy conditions to rally support for their occupations.



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