Posted by: Clare Solomon | December 3, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE: Students stage ‘cyber-occupation’ against Coalition Govt

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Students stage ‘cyber-occupation’ against Coalition Govt >

> LONDON 3/12/2010: Student activists staged a mass ‘cyber-occupation’ of both the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives Facebook pages today (to see message online, select filters then look at ‘conservatives and others’). >

> Students from the School of Oriental and African Studied (SOAS) changed > their profile pictures to large block letters spelling out ‘*NO CUTS* on the > ruling coalition’s Facebook profiles. This action was in protest at the > proposed hike in tuition fees set to be voted through by Parliament this > month.

> Group spokesman *Bernard Goyder* said: “This protest aims to bring home the > disastrous consequences of this hike in fees. By occupying the coalition’s > online mouthpieces, we hope to bring attention the dramatic affect this will > have on poorer students.
> “Many from disadvantaged backgrounds are likely to give up any hope on > attaining a degree if these draconian measures go through.” >

> Action started at 5am this morning. The School of Oriental and African > Studies occupation group logged on and posted onto the Facebook pages in > quick succession.

> Students are currently occupying *20* universities up and down the UK. Many > of the occupations are entering their 10th day.

> Meanwhile, street protests are set to continue, with another demonstration > on Saturday *4 December outside the Liberal Democrat conference in Camden > and a mass demonstration called for Thursday 9 December, the proposed date > for the Parliamentary vote on tuition fees.*.

> For more information on this story, contact:

> Bernard Goyder (+44) 07551 319 742

> George Morris: (+44) 07946 525 157
> Pontus Westerberg (+44)07791 589 012

> Or email:
> For more information on the SOAS student occupation, please visit: >
> In solidarity with the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts >
> —
> Kind Regards
> George Morris
> Tel: (+44) 07946 525 157



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