Posted by: Clare Solomon | November 23, 2010

Occupation Information and Legal Advice

Plymouth Uni in occupation

Royal Holloway in occupation

University of West England and many, many more….

Have had loads of phone calls from uni’s asking for advice on how to do an occupation.

Here’s the info we put together following

Occupations, Direct Actions: Logistics and Legalities

As many universities look to soon be going into occupation, a number of us have put together advice on occupying and legal briefing documents. Please print these and distribute them amongst occupiers (both before and during the occupation.) It is vital that everyone in occupation has a bust card. Please print plenty of these.

OCCUPATION CHEAT SHEET – Everything you need to know about going into occupation, and sustaining it once you’re there

60-SECOND LEGAL CHECK SHEET – Short document on the most important legal information.

BUST CARD – prepared by Green and Black Cross legal team. Make sure that every person on your occupation has a copy of this. Print double-sided landscape, then cut in half lengthways, and fold into three.

If occupations are to be safe and secure, and are as effective as possible it is important that this information is widely disseminated. Please re-post all of these documents to your blogs, send the documents around your email lists, or link to this post on facebook. At least one person from each occupation should be responsible for printing this material for everyone.



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