Posted by: Clare Solomon | November 18, 2010

Student Assembly at ULU

Bringing together students to discuss the very important issues at hand and how to move forward.
This weekend and then every Sunday…All students welcome.

Each session will be co-chaired for maximum democracy and smooth running & proposals/motions/statements of intent/suggestions etc are welcome.

We will also elect stewards and do a briefing for the Carnival of Resistance. 

Students coordinating action meeting. They do these in Greece and there they stopped government measures of privatising the Uni system by occupying their unis.

Motions and suggestions for discussion proposed so far:

Demands for occupations
24th November: We Will March Again-Carnival of Resistance and election of stewards.
Supporting EMA and FE students
Linking education cuts to wider society cuts: resistance and people power

Please join googlegroup: and use this forum for discussions because many people are still not on facebook!


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