Posted by: Clare Solomon | November 15, 2010

Occupations, Direct Actions: Logistics and Legalities

Occupations, Direct Actions: Logistics and Legalities

Workshop on Occupations, Walk-outs, and Road Blockages Wednesday November 17th, 3.30pm

In the wake of the events at Millbank, The University of London Union is proud to announce a workshop to assist in the escalation of our campaign against cuts and fees.

This is a meeting for students.

ULU will be inviting speakers to give insights and answer questions to engender activists on campuses around London with the tools to successfully make our universities, our cities, and our country ungovernable.

Endorsed by NUS President Aaron Porter in many forums and LIVE on BBC Breakfast on Thursday 11 November, peaceful, non-violent direct actions and occupations are a legitimate form of protest and he, along with many of us, are calling for these tactics to be employed as wide as possible: for maximum disruption as Aaron said in response to the LibDems going back on their manifesto pledges.

Please forward this invite, email it, tweet it and invite people to this invite on Facebook (if you know what I mean!)
This meeting has been agreed by a number of ULU reps and looks to be a big one.

See you Wednesday. C



  1. Hi there!

    Last year we (the movement “unibrennt” = university burning) occupied 130 universities across europe – eg. the london school of communication – our fight against education-cuts was very successfull, but every self-organized community hat to struggle with structural problems – sometimes we found solutions, but in the end we failed to increase the actions against goverments 😦

    our complete struggle through more than 9 months of peacefull resistance was filmed by ourself and a company that produced a movie, which started in austrias cinemas a few weeks ago – an english version will be ready at the end of the week

    i talked to the producers and now i am quite sure that we get the possibility to screen it for you guys 🙂 i guess future occupants can learn a lot from the past, because anyway many problems within such movements are familiar

    .. so maybe you want to help us find locations, institutes, people ..
    i also try to organize a premiere with a big discussion(with you, unions, local and EU politicians, unesco,..) on educational solutions for europe. there must protection for our future. for social skills of our society.

    guys – you are not alone!!! if we work together on EU-wide solutions, we can stop national goverment actions – together we can fight tution fees and other barriers – thanks for your attention and sorry for my bad english 😉

    greetings from bloomsbury,

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