Posted by: Clare Solomon | November 2, 2010

TOMORROW (WED 3rd Nov) I’m going to Nick Clegg’s office to discuss HE funding-have YOUR say

I have been invited to Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Ministers office at Whitehall tomorrow ‘to discuss the government’s developing policy on the future of Higher Education Funding HE funding’-what to say?

This is YOUR chance to inform the Government what you think about recent cuts and on how HE should look like and be funded. Answers below please ASAP



  1. Hey, I go to one of the artier colleges and I want you to impress on him that solely relying on Maths and Science is not the way. The power of the arts subjects in England, ranging from Art and design to English, Philosophy and History cannot be underestimated –

    Think of the power of our artists, designers, writers and media. I urge him not to destroy a valuable contributor to our economy and lose our place as one of the most brightly diverse countries in the world.

    Maths and Science you can translate to other languages and to other unis in other countries. You simply can’t do this with the arts : you have to be in THE place at the THE time with that great dynamic feeling, and England is that place.

  2. Ask him how he feels about Sheffield students voting him out of office at the next election if he fails to honour his pledge 😉

    • Tell him, it’s not just him….

      They promised us we would be able to recall MP’s in this term. I know promises seem to count for nothing these days despite Nick Clegg himself saying, and I quote, that he believes “it is time for promises to be kept”. If my MP doesnt stand by his promise I will be the first person starting a campaign to out him from office, I’m not waiting 4 years to see a liar removed from post.

      Ask Nick Clegg how he feels about being responsible for his whole party loosing their seats if he asks them to break their pledge.

  3. Just remind him:

    “Use your vote to block unfair tuition fees and get them scrapped once and for all” Lib Dem Press Release APRIL 2010
    “If we have learnt on thing from the crisis, it is that you can’t build a future on debt”
    Press Release APRIL 2010
    “The Liberal Democrats are different. We will oppose any raising of the cap”
    Nick Clegg APRIL 2010
    “Students can make the difference in countless seats in this election!
    Press Release APRIL 2010
    “I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament”
    Nick Clegg, and every other Lib Dem MP, April 2010

    Ask him what are liberal promises worth and what he thinks the future of him and his party is??

  4. HE should continue to be funded as it is – without graduates where do the government expect to get people who can do the jobs that require an education?

    Also, can you ask him how students can ever trust politicians again when they are so willing to go back on pledges they made in order to get them to vote in the first place? Does he think the Lib Dems would have half as many votes if it wasn’t for students?

  5. Oh and well done for securing a meeting with him by the way.. good luck!

  6. Point out to him that students vote too, and creating a generation dissillusioned with voting because he completely reneged on his campaign promises is not going to ensure his reelection. Far from it in fact.

  7. To be kind to ex-polies. Lots may struggle to get good A level grades from a certain social background, and go to ex-polies. Unis partially act as a leveller.

  8. Hi Clare, try and get a pledge from him to give ELQ students the same access to funding as non ELQ students. ELQ students are students who are studying qualifications at a level equal or lower level to a qualification that they already hold e.g. retraining with a second degree. In a recession more people even more people than usual need to retrain. The Browne Review recommends that upfront loans and grants are extended to ELQ students, but overall it is quite woolly on that.
    Jo XXX

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