Posted by: Clare Solomon | October 28, 2010

Taking ULU to Berlin for Holocaust Memorial Day

In remembrance of the millions of people who died during the Holocaust ULU will be organising a trip to Berlin.

27th – 31st January 2011

Itinerary includes:

And of course I will take us to some more light-hearted things too including Hoppetosse, Kreuzberg and Berghain Klub.

Accommodation wil be possibly be at the Circus Hostel nr Rosa Luxemburg and Rosenthaler Plzs.

On return we will hold a report back event at ULU to compliment the events on the day.

I note that next year HMD is over Shabat-I will make inquiries into the logistics of the day and the rest of the trip.

Please feel free to make any further suggestions

Right, to come with us you need to do a few things yourself:

1. Book your flight.

If you want to travel with us then book the following Ryanair flight:


From London-Stansted (STN) to Berlin (SXF)
Thu, 27Jan11 Flight FR8544 Depart STN at 13:15 and arrive SXF at 16:00


From Berlin (SXF) to London-Stansted (STN)
Mon, 31Jan11 Flight FR8547 Depart SXF at 21:55 and arrive STN at 22:40

£29.32 no bag, no extras, includes oxygen and toilet usage!

Of course you can stay later or go earlier so make those arrangements as you like.

2. Think about accommodation

We are either staying at the Circus Hostel or I will find an apartment/s for us all to stay together. Please let me know if you know any cheap available places large enough for us all. Email me at with any suggestions.

I have not yet booked it yet because I want to know how many people are coming first.

Again, if you have friends or family to stay with then you can do that, this will also save you money.

3. Learn some German and do some research to maximise your time there.

At Michel Thomas you can learn a small amount for free which will give you the basics. It’s a brilliant language course that all the teachers rave about!

4. Join the Facebook group HERE. I will send out updates through that too.

5. Tell your friends. The more the merrier.

This is a repeat of a very successful event I did 3 years ago.

Shoko at the place of the famous Nazi book burning. 2008

I hope you join us in opposing oppression wherever we find it. These sorts of educational trips teach us so many valuable lessons about the dark history of oppression and persecution.



  1. Would you mind the accompaniment of a 63-year-old Yankee who attended U of London in 1970? Lived in International Hall on Brunswick Circle just down from Russell Square Tube Station. Don’t even know if it is still there. Cordially, Wayne

  2. What? You hijack student fee demo and turn it into anarchic militancy. Now you hijacking the sheep for a piece on human oppression and mass death?

    You really should invest in shares for white coats, tight vests and padded cells.

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