Posted by: Clare Solomon | October 27, 2010

Dear ULU societies…

Dear ULU societies,

As you may know our education is facing massive cuts and closures this year. Already George Osborne and David Willets have announced the end of state funding for Social Sciences and HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council of England) funding has been slashed by 80%. Research is also being reduced by 15%.

I have written a number of articles on why I’m against the cuts and fees in the London Student. HERE’s one of them.

We at ULU are not immune. Sports clubs will face problems with getting sponsorship for their kits, prices for halls, pitches and fields will go up; welfare provisions are getting cut, bookings from external events will go down and, generally, we will also struggle financially.

And, of course, it’s not just ULU or even just education we want to defend. We recognise that the cuts will affect every welfare provision in the country.

Last week ULU Senate (represented by one person from each of our 22 colleges) voted unanimously to affiliate to the Coalition of Resistance (CoR). We held a protest over the spending review cuts; over 700 students joined us and we marched to LSE to pick up Trade Unionist then onto Downing St to meet up with other campaigns and campaigners: Reverend Jesse Jackson,  Scientists Against the Cuts and Science is Vital, Save The Arts, Pensioners and many more. More videos of the many speeches can be found at the Coalition of Resistance video page.

We now urge you to join in the protests to tell this government we will not let them get away with cutting our education – one of the most beneficial services to society – education is a right not a privilege.

Please forward this email to your society if possible and arrange to join with them on the ULU Feeder March to the NUS & UCU demo 11am 10th November 2010. You could bring your instruments if you’re a society, dress in your sport kit where applicable, paint placards with us if you’re artists, or anything else that is associated with your society. I know the Scientists looked particularly striking in their Lab Coats!

We are organising with the NUS a Press conference and Student Press conference on the day of the demo so please let me know if you want to contribute to either of these things.

We are hosting the BIG Demo Breakfast from 8am for those coming down from Northern regions so please do come early and keep them company and show them some ULU hospitality.

Anyway, we do hope to see as many of you as possible. Please email or call us if you have any queries.

We are proud that ULU is taking such a proactive stance – well done to all the senators who voted for positive action. Please thank your elected representatives if you see them J

If you need any help organising campaigns on your campus do get in touch. We can help build for this particular demo or help set up other campaigns.

We have attached a PDF of the poster for the demo below-please print off (even in B & W) and put up round your campuses or on trees or bus stops etc!! (No Fly Posting etc etc)

Yours in solidarity, Clare Solomon and Viktoria Szmolar.


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