Posted by: Clare Solomon | October 26, 2010

LSE Council moots privatisation

Reposted from The Beaver by Vivek Kotecha ON 25 OCT 2010

The LSE’s highest decision-making body has recently considered privatising the School, the Beaver has learned.

The benefits and costs of privatisation were discussed at a recent meeting of the LSE Council. The discussion formed part of a wider consideration on the financial strategy on the School’s future, which is taking place at present.

Comparisons have been made between the financial strategy of the LSE remaining as a charity in receipt of government funding, and its financial strategy were it to become a private university.

The details are not yet public, but if the School became a for-profit private university, it could charge unlimited tuition fees and decline to accept government quotas on accepting students from poorer backgrounds. Furthermore, those choosing to study at a private university are not automatically eligible for government loans or bursaries to help cover their fees.

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The University is a Factory: Strike, Occupy, Resist.

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