Posted by: Clare Solomon | October 13, 2010

What is London Representation about and what do we want from it-consultation begins

Please contact your union to get nominated as one of the delegates from your union.

Thanks, see you there, Clare.


Dear all,

The London Sabbs network day is only twos days away –  Friday 15th October! This will be at Westminster Students’ Union at Baker Street from 12pm. This will be a great opportunity to discuss final plans for the demo and for Sabbs to share any problems (and solutions). We will also be discussing the London Representative Comission, ‘ Life after demo’ and generally regional campaign priorities. Ed Marsh and friends from UCU will be joining us too.

At present there are only 19 Sabbs registered to come. Although we will of course never turn anyone away, it would be really useful for us to know numbers.

What we would like from each Union:

*       At least one representative from each Union (maximum of 5)

*         Review of Demo planning – “Where we are now”

*         Questions and problems regarding the demo

We will be sending out the break down of the day tomorrow. If there is anything that you are particularlly keen to put on there, please give either of us a call before 5pm tomorrow.


To confirm who will be coming from your Union please e-mail Wendy White at<> with the names of all attendees, their role and any access needs by 5pm tomorrow. Wendy will send you more details of the location and travel once you are registered.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Emma and Nell


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