Posted by: Clare Solomon | October 13, 2010

Photos and videos from ReTHINK Education day.








100 students gathered at ULU on the very first Saturday of term to discuss and debate the shape of our education system and how to fight the cuts.

We would like to thank everyone who put in so much hard work to make the day a success. Especially Vic Langer, Ed Marsh and other NUS-ers who helped coordinate the banner making session. Ed looked like he really enjoyed himself getting to know all the students! If you want to do something similar contact them at NUS HQ.

And a massive thank you to Tony Benn for his brilliant speech and his support for Free Education.

Paying for university is a ludicrous idea, he said!

Read my ‘Why I’m against a two-tier university system. A response to Lord Browne’ HERE

Here are a few videos and photos. More will be added to THIS post soon. If you want any of these speakers to come to your campus please let me know.

See more photos HERE

And join us to protest against these cuts on Oct 20th. Join the Student Feeder March at 4pm to go from ULU to meet all the other feeder marches including Pensioners, Unison, Artists against cuts and others.

Go HERE to print off posters and flyers to use on your campuses.



  1. […] Photos and videos from ReTHINK Education day. […]

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