Posted by: Clare Solomon | October 5, 2010

Spending Review: Student Feeder March to Downing St

Tomorrow Lord Browne will announce his package of cuts to Higher Education (HE). Already we know that HE’s will face SEVENTY PERCENT (70%) cuts to teaching and 15% cuts to Research. The full implications of this are looking rather grim. Aaron Porter, NUS President spoke about this at our ReTHINK Education day at ULU this Saturday and I will post videos of this soon.  In the mean time HERE are some photos

Now, we are builign for this protest on 20th October.

Speakers at final rally include: Rev Jesse Jackson, Tony Benn, NUS Pres Aaron Porter, Lee Jasper, Caroline Lucas and many more…


Slogans put forward by ULU are:  Freeze the Cuts, Cut The Fees: Cut Bonuses Not Books: Fund Welfare Not Warfare.

Join the Student Feeder march to Downing st on the day the Spending Cuts are announced.

Please use this poster to build on your own campuses. You could do a lunchtime protest on your own campus then arrange to meet at, say, 3pm then come to ULU to join the feeder march which will meet up with UNISON Feeder march, Pensioners Against  Cuts, Artists Against Cuts, Scientists Against Cuts and many more…

Contact me for more details.

Bring banners (I will bring the ones we made on Saturday) and noise!



  1. […] Followed by Coalition of Resistance planning meeting to which you are all invited to help plan the biggest demo on the day of the Spending Cuts are announced […]

  2. […] Go HERE to print off posters and flyers to use on your campuses. […]

  3. […] Spending Review: Student Feeder March to Downing St […]

  4. […] Spending Review: Student Feeder March to Downing St […]

  5. Will this be joining the main demonstration from Lincoln’s Inn Fields?

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