Posted by: Clare Solomon | September 27, 2010

Tony Benn headlines our ReThink Education conference and campaigns launch

You are cordially invited to ULU’s first major event of the year.

As cuts will be hitting us all we need to be thinking about what education is for, how it should be funded, how we prevent cuts and what an ideal education system would look like.

Practical workshops on banner and placard making, video virals and Media communications will give us the tools needed to get our message out there as strong as possible.

But to do all this we need you guys with new ideas. Please bring as many people as you can to prepare yourselves for the year ahead.

TONY BENN is the keynote speaker! And NUS President Aaron Porter will give us an update on the Road to the National Demo.

During the day Vic Langer from the NUS is coordinating a Make Your Own Banner and/or Placard workshop all day long so just bring along some slogans, union logos etc and we’ll provide the rest.

Followed by fab Vintage Party theme: Weimar Republic. Clothes, hair & makeup will be available to dress up in on the night :

Here’s the lineup so far…

11– 12pm Registration, refreshments and general chitchatting

12-12.30 Campaigns launch – Viktoria Szmolar & Clare Solomon

12.30 – 1.45pm Session 1.
Education 2010: What’s the score?

Prof Peter Hallward, Kingston University.
Sara El-Sheekh, Kings Anti-Cuts campaign,
James Meadway, Economist

James Haywood, EANetwork

Fiona Edwards, Progressive Students.

1.45-2.30 Lunch

2.30-3.15pm Session 2: How the cuts will hit the most vulnerable in society and lessen participation in education. (better title for this session welcome!!)

With NUS National Liberation Officers
Kanja Sessay NUS Black Students President
Elly Badcock SOAS Women’s Officer 2009/10
Sean Rillo Raczka, Birkbeck SU Chair

3.45-5pm Session 3: Building for the National Demo
Tony Benn
Aaron Porter NUS President
Ashok Kumar LSE VP Education
Joana Pinto NACFC

Terry Hoad UCU

Parallel Workshop in 3A
Banner & placard making. Bring union logos and ideas for slogans that are relevant to your campus & we’ll provide the rest.

Optional Workshops
1) Media & Communications
Brendan Montague, ex-Daily Mail journalist and author of At the Sauce blog
Tansy Hoskins, Stop the War National Organiser 2002-9

2) Video-journalism. How to shoot, edit & distribute video virals.
Ady Cousins of 2million YouTube hits fame
Bindz Patel, President Goldsmiths SU

Register by emailing

We will need to know numbers for catering but are flexible. The more the merrier we say 🙂

Followed by fab Vintage Party theme: Weimar Republic. Clothes, hair & makeup will be available to dress up in on the night :

See you there…



  1. Ed Milliband was at a Tesco warehouse in the North – after coming out of paternity leave (doubtless thankful for welfare system). Little did he know there was a huge elephant lurking in the room that would suddenly manifest itself.

    The workers said; “We all work our socks off here and just about manage to get by. But my neighbours do nothing. Two of the women have never worked a day in their lives, yet have plasma tvs, designer kids clothes, go on two holidays.. all from the benefits they get.”

    Eddie looked perplexed and enquired; “Is that the general consensus around the table?”

    Many seem to know the answer to that but Labour’s leader doesn’t. So, dont ask him but ask Labour’s Blair, Brown, Balls, Johnson, the other Miliband, Blunkett, Johnson, Clarke, Harman et al, these questions:

    Why are the coalition telling is there’s no money left?

    Why were MP’s expenses allowed to run up to abusive levels?

    Why was gold sold off cheaply?

    Why was nothing put aside during the boom times?

    Why wasn’t parliament reformed?

    Gordon Brown admitted to Paxman that he (and Jeff Randall as it happens) foresaw a stock and cash crisis back in 2006, also ask; Why wasn’t banking reformed?

    International statistics demonstrate that a number in the UK are feigning a disability, so dont you want to know; How likely is it that 45% of the ‘unemployed’ 24-35 year olds have depression and can claim benefits?

    Immigrants should claim asylum when and where they first set foot into Europe. Dont you want to ask; Why did Gordon Brown bow to France’s pressure to sign the UK up to EU immigration influx and their welfare & benefits?

    EU ‘migrants’ are coming over to also take advantage, this bloated and exploited Welfare & Benefits system risks the destruction of the UK. Toynbee AGAIN defends the masses of women with kids in council houses, never ACTUALLY EVER intending to work. Where does it say “You have a kid and have a right to claim a HOUSE from the state”??? Accommodation of sorts like hostels or house-shares maybe, but not a house. GAMU is an illegal immigrant. Her mum’s out shopping in her Rover 75, bags of stuff in her long dress. Not beng deported.

    Next time you see one thank a Labour minister for ensuring that 70% of all new jobs went to non UK workers. But ask them; Why?

    Then ask; What immigrant influx they regard as unsustainable?

    The UK is being exploited by people that are unlikely to lift a finger to defend the nation. Now, there’s so many legal cases, with solicitors all too willing to appeal and appeal… clogging up courts, costing taxpaers millions, and all for Human Rights that combat military dont get a sniff of.


    Sweden – 2 years and no work = no benefits.

    28% of adults do not work in this country. For whatever reason. Its not a funny joke.

    Give ‘earning a wage’ more longevity than relying on benefits.

    BLOATED welfare has to be rolled back. Make doing something for society more accessible, no matter what cards are dealt.

    I increasingly support Dave, Nick and the coalition because I have had enough.


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