Posted by: Clare Solomon | September 27, 2010

LOBBY THE UCL PROVOST: Poverty pay? No way!

TOMORROW – 28 September · 11:30 – 12:00

UCL South Quad (outside Print Room Café)

Malet Place

London, WC1

An article in the Evening Standard has ratcheted up the pressure for UCL to pay Living Wage. Read it HERE

Afte he said the Living Wage (a still low £7.85 ph) is a ‘Luxury we can’t afford’ he is facing a backlash from his top academics. Read their response HERE

Now, after two years of campaigning, this summer UCL Living Wage Campaign finally got the Provost Malcolm Grant to agree to meet the campaign to discuss the London Living Wage and why it is not paid at UCL.

Grant knows momentum is on our side. He naturally wants us to stop protesting, to forget about the issue and to leave him and UCL management alone. We won’t do this until justice is done.

Join us on Tuesday 28th for a rally outside the Provost’s window before a delegation heads in, to show Malcolm Grant that the campaign is bigger than those sitting in that room, and will continue to grow louder until all workers at UCL are given back their dignity.

The lobby will end at 12 pm promptly to enable the meeting to go ahead without any background noise. We will continue to the Main Quad for a rally with some speakers. All welcome, for as little or long a time as you can spare.

Poverty pay? NO WAY!


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