Posted by: Clare Solomon | September 8, 2010

Education on Trial at ULU 4 Nov

Just a week before the NUS & UCU National demonstration against Cuts ULU is proud to present an evening of debate, art,  film and dancing to dissect the issues around education in the 21st century.

Held in our big ‘The Venue’ and Room 101 this event looks set to be a corker.

If you want to submit any relevant art, speakers, suggestions to the event click on the second side of the flyer to find out how to. Email for more details

For more information on the demo see:

ULU is hosting the Big Breakfast in the morning of the demonstration. Further details about how to sign up for this coming soon…


Education is on Trial in the heart of London at ULU

Thursday 4th November from 6-11pm.

The event is held in the wake of the cuts announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review and ahead of the NUS/UCU national demonstration on 10th November against fees and education cuts.

Comedians, artists, musicians, poets, academics and activists will discuss schools, testing, funding education, what education is for and much more around a central ‘pub table’ where audience members are encouraged to join in the debate.

Tickets are £5/3 are available online at PayPal at

Facebook event:

Arrive at 6pm to join in with speed debating to meet fellow activists and discuss the issues of the day.

Our line up includes Vicki Baars from NUS LGBT, academic and activist Gareth Dale, A-Level lecturer Matthew Beggs, a 3-minute primary school lesson,performance poet Alison Brumfitt, Ally Moss from the Middlesex occupation, Bertie and Victoria from the Really Open University, comedian Grainne Maguire, exclusive video interviews on the radical potential for education, and academic, free schools activist Debra Benita Shaw and Dave Clinch’s fantastic slideshow accompanied reading of Shelley’s Mask of Anarchy.

Get your creative energies going in our banner making corner with University of Westminster’s Sky Yarlett. We have the materials needed, just bring some slogans.

The bi-monthly “on trial” events are organised by a rag-tag of socialists, anarchists, environmentalists, LGBT campaigners including trade unionists, students, campaigners and general troublemakers.

Please spread the word.




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