Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 28, 2010

Rethink Education: principles, planning and practical

ULU is proud to announce it’s very first event of the year. As cuts will be hitting us all we need to be thinking aboutwhat education is for, how it should be funded, how we prevent cuts and what an ideal education system would look like.

But to do all this we need you guys with new ideas. Please bring as many people as you can to prepare yourselves for the year ahead.

More details to the day will be added but here’s a sneak preview…(check out the fab evening entertainment at the bottom of the agenda)

10-11am Registration, refreshments and general chitchatting

Each session will be co-facilitated to ensure maximum discussion and idea generation!

Session 1.
Education 2010: What’s the score?
With Tony Benn
Peter Hallward from Middlesex Philosophy
Emma Dowling QM Business School
Ashok Kumar LSE Education Officer

and others…

Session 2: Liberation and autonomy. Why is this important?
With NUS National Liberation Officers
Elly Badcock SOAS Women’s Officer 2009/10
More tbc…

Session 3: Building for the National Demo
With speakers from a variety of campaigning backgrounds and,
hopefully, Aaron Porter, NUS President

Session 4: Putting politics into practice.

Workshop 1) Planning a campaign on your campus.
James Haywood, Goldsmiths exec and NUS NEC 2009/10
Maham Hashmi SOAS exec & ULU Student Trustee

Workshop 2) The Art of Writing a Press Release
Brendan Montague, ex-Daily Mail journalist and author of At the Sauce blog
Tansy Hoskins, Stop the War National Organiser 2002-9

Workshop 3) Video-journalism. How to shoot, edit & distribute video virals.
Ady Cousins of 2million YouTube hits fame
Bindz Patel, President Goldsmiths SU

Workshop 4) Banner making. Bring union logos & we’ll provide the rest.

Workshop 5) Negotiation skills with London Citizen.

Session 6: Final Plenary and feedback from workshops.

Registration details will be sent soon. We will need to know numbers for catering but are flexible. The more the merrier we say 🙂

Followed by fab Vintage Party theme: Weimar Republic. Clothes, hair & makeup will be available to dress up in on the night.

See you there…


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