Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 19, 2010

ULU Room 101 Debates

Back in 1961 ULU held mass debates with over 1200 attending EACH week with topics such as:

  • This House has No Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government
  • This House believes that the Legality of Abortion should be Extended
  • This house Believes that since the Liberal Party has no future, all Radicals should become members of the Labour Party (!!)

Three years ago this important democratic procedure was removed from the constitution placing all the policy making power in the hands of the 19 Senate members (one person from each constituent college).

I was elected on a manifesto to bring back mass meetings. So I will. EVERY Thursday.

They will be a mixture of  ‘official’ democratic policy making debates with votes being taken to Senate to guide our work locally, nationally and internationally. Others will be more flexible and open with non-ULU members being allowed to vote. ie, debates done with other campaigning groups or, even, fun ones 🙂

And each debate will be followed by a social of some sort hosted by one of the Liberation Campaigns (another thing I pledged on my manifesto)

The overall theme name is Speak Easy, Speak Out: Room 101 Debates. They will be EVERY Thursday 5pm in The Venue.

The first one, in a fabulous kind of Ground Hog day revival, is:

This House has No Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.

Speakers to be confirmed but I am inviting Caroline Lucas, Nick Clegg and David Cameron!

Date: Thursday Oct 21st (the day after the spending review announcements from the Coalition Government)

Time: 5pm

Venue: Room 101 ULU

Feel free to propose further topics and suggestions for music in the evenings.

Wooo, bring back Democracy 🙂


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