Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 17, 2010

Our house is Bauhaus

Further to consultation ULU is going through a bit of a transformation. ‘Branding, publicity, decor and so on are being spruced up with a bit of 1920/30’s glamour.

We hope you like it. Bauhaus is clearly an image that fits beautifully with our fab neo-classical building and is going really well with various bits of the ‘branding’ stuff.

I guess if any elements of Bauhaus that are easy to replicate in the 21st century it would be the simple colours and nice clean lines.

This 1st image below kinda encapsulates it.

This article gives a good outline of the philosophy behind Bauhaus. And includes heaps of images further down the page.

And, GUESS WHAT???? The bar ‘Duck ‘n’ Dive, 101 and the Venue has been repainted from that hideous acid green to this fabulous royal blue in this image above-YEY. AND has had amazing black and wood effect flooring. We couldn’t have asked for better combinations.

Now, all we have to do is think about how elements from the ULU guide can be simply replicated across the building in menu designs, signage, images etc etc.

I might grab a tin of pillar box red and splash some around a bit like this image:

The beauty about Bauhaus is that it doesn’t have to be too in-your-face-look-how-clever-we-are sort of thing…look:

See more gorgeous images here:

Anyway, I’m just getting excited now. Please comment below with more ideas, links, articles etc.


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