Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 13, 2010

ULU Women’s Network planning and after drink to celebrate Wanda’s final exam!

“I’ll be post feminist when the world is post-sexist”

This year, ULU is re-starting Liberation campaigns. The Women’s network will meet once a month to discuss,debate and take action around issues relating to women. With women expected to shoulder 75% of the cuts to this year’s Budget and sexism on campus and in the workplace still looming over us, the time to organise is now!

The Feminist Manifesto for the 21st Century campaign was launched with prominent campaigners and academics Nina Power and Lindsey German – a campaign we could take forward here at ULU.

Join us for a relaxed meeting to plan, strategise and meet like-minded people.

Bring your friends, your skills and creative ideas.

Look forward to seeing you all…x

And, btw, the building is being renamed a ‘Social Centre’ this year and rebranded to a fab Art-deco Bauhaus style to return it to its former glory:-)

This was us last year-shame on ITV for their biased reporting. And check out the brilliant feminist comments below!


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