Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 10, 2010

NUS/UCU national demonstration November 2010

Fund our Future – Stop Education Cuts

We are writing to inform you that the National Union of Students (NUS) and the University and College Union (UCU) are jointly organising a mass national demonstration on Wednesday

10 November 2010 in central London entitled ‘Fund Our Future – Stop Education Cuts’.

We would like to invite you and your organisation to be part of what we believe will be the largest mobilisation ever in the UK to defend fair access to our colleges and universities.

The stakes could not be higher. The coalition government has already announced more than £1.5 bn of cuts to further and higher education. This year, as a result, at least 200,000 qualified applicants will miss out on a university place. Many thousands more will face huge increases in the cost of local college courses. The impact of the cuts will be felt by families throughout our communities.

Cutting education is bad for society and bad for our economy. Yet, all indications are that the Comprehensive Spending Review will deliver further budget cuts of 25% or more in colleges and universities. The reality of the cuts is that many thousands of people who would benefit from attending a college or university will end up on the dole alongside the thousands of teachers and support staff facing redundancy.

Other countries like the USA are investing massively in the expansion of education, looking to obtain a strategic advantage from being a high skill, high wage economy. While our government cuts its education infrastructure and seeks to impose higher costs on students and their families, dozens of new colleges and universities are going up every year in India and China.

UCU and NUS stand for a better future. We believe that education transforms the lives of individuals, families and communities and that it also has the potential to transform society. We are writing to you today to ask you to join with us in this progressive coalition to defend education and to get involved in building action for 10 November.

Help us make this demonstration really count. Please sign up today – to defend education, to fund our future and to stop the cuts.


With thanks

Aaron Porter               Sally Hunt
President, NUS           General secretary, UCU

Download this letter


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