Posted by: Clare Solomon | August 7, 2010

ULU needs help deciding on debate topics.

ULU needs good debate titles before Monday so I can put in the guide.

Gonna do one big one every half term.

Here’s a few examples from 1961…

This house notes that:

  • This House has No Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government;
  • the legality of Abortion should be extended;
  • and (get this one!) since the Liberal Party has no future, all Radicals should join the Labour Party. !

Suggestions for 2010 please…



  1. 1. Abortion should not be regulated by law.
    2. The concept of private property cannot exist without state power.
    3. The nuclear family should not be the preferred form of social organization.
    4. A just and lasting peace in Palestine/Israel requires a single secular state.
    5. The minimum age to vote should be abolished.
    6. Eating meat is morally wrong.
    7. For-profit universities such as BPP should be outlawed.
    8. Universal employment should be guaranteed by the government.
    9. The best government governs the least.
    10. The distinction between state power and private power is analytically incoherent.

    • These are such brilliant suggestions Sam. Can’t wait for you to get back. Make sure you come see me immediately upon your return

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