Posted by: Clare Solomon | July 12, 2010

London South Bank University to cut national pay negotiations

Lobby of the London South Bank University Board of Governors – Thursday 15th July 20103.30pm, LSBU Technopark building (90 London Road, SE1 6LN):

LSBU Management has announced that it is withdrawing from the national pay negotiation machinery of JNCHES, and has imposed a pay freeze for 2009-10. While management initially argued that this was a means to avoid redundancies (albeit that its own projections are for a surplus this year and next), it is now presented as an ‘all in it together’ means to moderate redundancies. The total of redundancies recently announced for this summer stands at over 100 with another 100+ fixed term contracts due to end before 31 December subject to ‘review’.

One of the areas under attack is LLU+, where staff have been told that the future of LLU+’s work and all posts are under threat. LLU+ is the largest education development centre for adult language, literacy, numeracy, dyslexia and family learning in the UK. It has an international reputation and its pioneering work is synonymous with good practice nationally (See for further details).

We are asking for your support with our campaign:

• Join the Lobby of the LSBU Board of Governors – Thursday 15th July 2010. Meet outside the LSBU Technopark building (90 London Road, SE1 6LN) at 3.30pm, ready for 4pm Governors’ meeting. Please bring your colleagues, friends, family, children and banners.

• Write to the VC Martin Earwicker (martin.earwicker) urging him to maintain national bargaining, withdraw all redundancy threats, and support the campaign to keep LLU+ at LSBU. (Please cc LSBU UCU ucu and LLU+ defendllu).

• Write to Mike Molan (molanm), LSBU Executive Dean of the Arts and Human Sciences Faculty (which houses LLU+) stating the value of the work done at LLU+ and the impact it may have had on you, your colleagues, your organisation and/or your learners/clients (Please cc LLU+ defendllu).

• Sign the online petition to support LLU+ at:

• Support the Defend LLU+ Facebook group at: Defend LLU+ and visit the Defend LLU+ Google site at:

It is essential that we present a very strong case to the university executive about the importance of returning to national bargaining and continue to emphasise the value of the work LLU+ does locally, regionally and nationally, campaigning for the threat of all redundancies across the university to be withdrawn. We would like to invite you to the lobby on Thursday. Please circulate as widely as possible. Your support at this time will be invaluable.

On behalf of LSBU UCU Branch


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