Posted by: Clare Solomon | July 10, 2010

Crowdsourcing unpaid internships spreadsheet

Further to the continuing issue of unpaid internships exploiting graduates and students. Internocracy have started a google spreadsheet to try and get a handle on the number of unpaid internships out there.

“This spreadsheet is an attempt to crowdsource a database of unpaid internships that are being advertised in the UK. It is intended to capture the true scale of the problem and provide hard data with which to lobby government and employers. If possible, also try and capture a screenshot (using the PrtSc key on your keyboard) as definitive evidence)”


Would appreciate it if you could contribute + push this out to your networks in order to start filling this in.

Regards, Kit Friend

Campaigns & Communications Officer | Students’ Union University of the Arts London

Chair of The Arts Group |

Student Director on NUS Services Ltd Board |



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