Posted by: Clare Solomon | May 24, 2010

Update from Middlesex

Following an overnight sit-in in the library world renowned lecturers Peters Osborne & Hallward and a number of students been suspended.

Protest at Hendon Campus this Thursday 4pm. Spread the word.

Their ‘hearings’ are on Friday.

See more details at

Also, from Twitter – Cuts: universities likely to be cut by 3% (via @bbcnews). 20k places already cut. #nocuts #cantpaywontpay (via @solomonsmfield)

Last thing-Caroline Lucas, Tony Benn, Greek activists, trying to get a Middlesex student, me (!) and more speaking at @cantpaywontpay this Wednesday.


from Fight Cuts at Westminster

URGENT call for solidarity with victimised activists at Middlesex University
Following the example of Sussex, the embattled management of Middlesex University is clamping down on activists protesting against the closure of its internationally-acclaimed Philosophy department. Two students and two members of staff have been suspended on highly punitive terms, with disciplinary procedures to start this Friday. This is a dangerous escalation that cannot go unchallenged.

What you can do:

Send letters of condemnation to the board of governors and the Vice Chancellor Michael Driscoll ( and copy to, and encourage others – particularly high-profile academics and trade union/NUS bodies – to do the same.
Download and print the Middlesex campaigners’ petition
Attend the rally against the suspensions at 4pm on Thursday 27th May (Middlesex Hendon campus )
Join the picket outside the hearings from 10am on Friday 28th May. Bring union & campaign banners where possible
Follow the SaveMDXPhil blog for further updates


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