Posted by: Clare Solomon | May 14, 2010

Update from Middlesex occupation

Am at the occupation now. Spirits are high, resistance is growing strong. Get up here whenever you can. we are expecting some news from the High Courts any minute. If they do not take action today then you can also come to the Ayal Weissman talk tonight at 8pm. HERE are the details.

HERE is the latest from inside the occupation. Feel free to spread around and let people know what’s going on.

Another quick update from Middlesex: the student occupation continues to hold strong, and in the next couple of days will host events in the Mansion Building with Eyal Weizman and some of his collaborators (Friday 14 May at 8pm), and with Tariq Ali (Saturday 15 May at 3:30). The full set of campaign events is posted at

A list of campaign press links is also posted at; more articles will appear in the coming days, in The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph…

An overview of the campaign to date is posted at,


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