Posted by: Clare Solomon | May 14, 2010

Letter to Evening Standard re LibDems backsliding on fees and immigration

Dear ES,

Students across London will be dismayed at the LibDems backing down on their policies on education and immigration.

Higher education is already bearing the brunt of public spending cutbacks with students and staff fearing for their future.

Philosophy students at  Middlesex University have already taken matters into their own hands occupying a building in protest at planned departmental closures.

LibDems have long been associated with a promise to remove tuition fees. But in an earlier coalition with Labour in Scotland it was only protests from students that forced them to stick to their promise.

Fees hikes and cuts in funding will deprive thousands of students of the opportunity of a decent education.

LibDem’s backsliding on their key immigration commitments will have a huge impact on overseas students studying in London; who are an important part of university life and as graduates contribute massively to many of London’s economy.

Further restrictions on immigration hurt both them and wider London society.

The LibDems have sold out on both these issues and should expect a backlash. Students across London will join in the protest outside the Houses of Parliament on the day that the planned emergency budget is presented to parliament.

Clare Solomon

ULU President Elect



  1. By the way NUS president elect said at hustings at conference that there would be riots if they hiked up the fees, now we have to make him live up to his promises 😀

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