Posted by: Clare Solomon | April 16, 2010

ULU ‘Young Leaders Debate’

The producer of Uni-Q, the flagship political show produced by Catch21 Productions in conjunction with The Independent online wants to invite you all to a debate at ULU.

Uni-Q is a Question time style show made for young people. The show travels to colleges and universities across the UK giving young people the chance to quiz politicians about the issues that matter to them and is then broadcast on The Independent Student site and The Community Channel. Uni-Q is the only political show for the UK’s youth out there.

In the run up to the election and in the last episode of the current series of Uni-Q, we are producing a special episode to coincide with the first ever televised Leader’s Debates in British history. The Leaders of the student wings of Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats will be debating the issues that matter most to young people across the country. It will be a opportunity for students to find out which party best addresses the needs of young people in the UK.
The Young Leaders Debate will take place at The Venue in ULU on April 28th at 7pm. All students have to do to sign up is follow this link

Speakers so far (I have made a request to the organisers to add more people to the panel):


Conservative Future Chairman


NUS President & Labour Students National Committee Member


Chair of Liberal Youth

If you have any questions or require more information, please get in touch.

claresolomon @



  1. Hi,

    I think it is important to have more political students represented than there are on this panel. I don’t think any of those three political parties can represent me and as a student (and most of the students I know) I think it is essential that the debate is balanced out with parties that oppose the privatisation of our education and oppose the illegal occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and are ready to discuss Palestine. I don’t think I would want to attend an event where I would have to hear the same b******t I hear on the mainstream media everyday, so please try and make sure different student voices are on that panel.

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