Posted by: Clare Solomon | March 7, 2010

Ashok Kumar backs the campaign: it’ll be a hell of a shock to the system if we all get elected!

Ashok has recently been elected to fulltime Education Officer at LSE.  He ran on an overtly political, campaigning manifesto and no doubt has the experience to really take the campaign against cuts to another level.

I’m voting and asking everyone who supported the goals of our LSE sabbatical campaign to vote for Clare Solomon, Ian Drummond, Hilary Aked, and Maham Hashmi in the ULI elections. In order to succeed at the critical tasks ahead we need a firm commitment to mass grassroots mobilization, direct action, and progressive ideals. These candidates have a proven record of democratic, rank-and-file, campaign-style organizing which remains the key to winning for students in the years to come.

This is an excellent demonstration of unity and would like to thank him for acting so quickly to back our campaign.

For two years, Ashok served as a supervisor on the Dane County board, representing the progressive independent political party, Progressive Dane.

Read about his experiences as his experience as a socialist in elected office at the Solidarity blog:

I began college in 2003 and immediately began to be involved with tuition issues, access to higher education and affirmative action placement programs. I was in student government and in student of color organizations. So that was a two-year fight, and we failed. We organized on a lot of fronts: marches, rallies, hunger strikes, and an occupation of the military recruitment office.

He decided to run for office to address issues of the racist  penal system (97 black to every 1 white person in prison), racist housing allocation, racist drugs policies and generally on an anti all forms of oppression platform.  The democrats said to him  ‘If you run as a third party candidate, we’ll crush you.’ ‘Of course that motivated me even more to run!’ he said.

So, he went on and got endorsements from

the Green Party, Progressive Dane, and the Socialist Party. A lot of support came from labor activists. We got the Central Labor Council endorsement even though AFSCME and some of the building trades were really opposed. At the vote, we just packed the room. Some campus unions – like AFSCME 171, the blue collar workers union, and the Teachers Assistant Association, had already endorsed me.

He then went on to face attacks on the basis of his age, his colour, his political leanings (of course) but none-the-less he fought a good fight and won many campaigns.

There are so many good quotes from the article that it is best if you read it yourself. All I want to say is that it is an honour to have someone so commited, so effective and so political backing our campaign.

Thanks Ashok, vive la resistance…


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