Posted by: Clare Solomon | March 3, 2010

Urgent: Protest against the facist EDL this Friday

This photo is from Assed Baig’s Students Union that the facsists daubed in swastika symbols and fascist slogans. Protest on Friday against the rise in islamophobia that our goverments are inviting into the houses of parliament…

UAF demo against the rally called by the EDL to greet and support Gert Wilders, the Islamaphobic Dutch MP.  Meet 11am at the Houses of Parliament.  SOAS students meet at SOAS at 10am.

The racist English Defence League has been allowed to march in Central London this Friday. Shockingly, they are being allowed to assemble outside the Tate Britain, in Pimlico. This is an affront to our multi racial society. The EDL recently rioted in Stoke and attacked Muslims and
a Mosque in the area. Unite Against Fascism has called an emergency demonstration in response.
The time of the protest  is 11am at the House of Lords, Westminster, this Friday, March 5th.
It is vital that we get as many people down as possible – please tell all your friends/colleagues etc.  The EDL have arranged coaches to bring people.
It is crucial that we do not let the EDL march in London – we need a big crowd to stand up and show that these racists and thugs should be  allowed to pollute our streets.

Wilders has been invted to the  House of Lords by Malcolm Everard MacLaren Pearson, Leader of UKIP, to show his racist film Fitna.   Wilders was banned from coming to the UK before due to his racist remarks.  He has described the Netherlands as facing a “tsunami of Islamification” – the Netherlands Musilim population is 6%.
Also, he has said that a “head rag tax” should be issued on Muslim women who wear headscarves.

Protest against this racist coming to whip up race hatred and bolster the BNP.  PLEASE FORWARD


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