Posted by: Clare Solomon | March 1, 2010

Defend the Gaza protesters – public meeting in Parliament TOMORROW

After the mass protests against the Israeli bombing of Gaza over 90 demonstrators were arrested and more than 70 charged, most of them young muslims.

The judge dealing with the cases has made clear he wants the sentences being handed down to act as deterrents and has issued prison terms of up to 2 and a half years for minor offences.

Following a lively protest at some of the court cases last friday, tommorrow’s public meeting is the next step in a developing campaign to drop the charges, stop criminalising young Muslims and defend the right to protest.


House of Commons
tuesday 2 march
6.30 – 8.30
ask inside for room number

Speakers: Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Imran Khan (Solicitor), Andrew Murray (STWC), Betty Hunter (PSC), Anas Al-Tikriti (BMI), Daud Abdullah (MCB), Joanna Gilmore, Bruce Kent (CND).

read more at:
0207 801 2768


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