Posted by: Clare Solomon | February 24, 2010

Endorsement from Natalie Bennett Green Party candidate

“I wish Claire the best of luck. ULU’s student union needs energetic
campaigners like Claire who combine principled politics with strong
organisational skills. Claire’s commitment to a Living Wage and
climate justice aren’t just abstract extras, they are about practical
action addressing two of the world’s most important issues – social
inequality and climate change.”

Natalie Bennett
Green Party candidate, Holborn and St Pancras

Thanks Natalie…



  1. Nice photo – good endorsement 🙂

    • Great endorsement! Wishing you all the best with your campaign Clare.

      Who is that handsome chap in the photo stood next to Natalie. He’d get my vote!

  2. Good stuff. Best of luck Clare.

  3. Great endorsement.

    Who’s that fella sneaking into the photo frame? Does Jim have any idea?

  4. Never seen him before – but he looks very sound, very sound indeed.

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