Posted by: Clare Solomon | February 17, 2010

Welcome to Clare Solomon’s blog for University of London Union (ULU) President!

Clare’s Personal Statement: Hi, my name is Clare Solomon. I am standing for ULU President to continue and build on the great work that the previous team has done. My two years as fulltime Finance & Communications president in one of the most active unions in the country, at SOAS, has given me the experience to take ULU to a new level.
I even know quite a lot about boring old bureaucratic procedures! I am on the LGBT National Steering Committee, have 7 years experience in various union positions including NUS & ULU delegate and Mature Students Officer. I have a 19 year old son who keeps me on my toes, have worked with disadvantaged youth in the Kings Cross area, was board member of the Kings Cross community development trust and have had several businesses.
And most importantly I have fought, alongside millions of others, for a better world, and do not need or intend to take this position to boost my CV or for the money!
Anyone that knows me will vouch that I am a tireless campaigner, am open to new ideas, and will work with as many people as possible on everything from campaigns to commercial services.
As President of ULU I would be responsible for communicating with over 200,000 students. I have run 15 blogs and know quite a lot about the internet so will make sure that you all have access to whatever we get up to in many different formats: Twitter, facebook groups, interactive website and feedback forums.
Two years ago the board removed all campaigning rights and budgets, turning ULU into a mainly commercial service. This year the student trustees and full-timers voted to bring this back. This is great news. Realistically, a students Union does need commercial services in order to fund all the campaigning but this should not be the priority or the focus. The more visible and vocal a union is the more students feel a part of it, the more they will visit and the better our finances will be. We need to make sure that our services are affordable to everyone so I will campaign against price increase and for more space to be available free to societies.
Right, so, running for this position means that we can continue building on the great no-cuts campaigns that have started on various campuses. I hope to see you on a demonstration with the (soon to be made) ULU banner…



  1. Hi Clare,

    You have my full backing in order to make ULU a leading campaigning Union!

    I note that it was Senate and not the Trustees who voted to bring back campaigning. We must ensure that the power lies with Senat not the Trustee Board (except emergency legal powers), this is the only way to revitalise interest and activity in ULU from the member colleges.

    Please help when elected by ensuring that it is Senate and the SUs that direct ULU, that the Trustee Board does not block the democratic will of Senate again, that the campaigns that the UoL students want and need are carried out across the University, and very importantly campaign now for a no vote on the proposed new Trustee constitution.

    Also, we need to get the liberation networks that Senate has agreed to set up, operating asap across the University, and to install an womens’ officer at the heart of ULU who can lead campaigns (especially at a time when many SUs seem oblivious to the need for the continuing liberation of women students).

    All the best,


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